Usain Bolt, Hublot, St Maarten @ 6 Dec 2019 7:27 pm - Hublot welcomed its Ambassador, and one of the most renowned athletes, Usain Bolt, in St Maarten to celebrate the brand new space at the Diamonds International store.
Juveria Khan: Makeup artist with a touch of SFX @ 18 Nov 2019 4:13 pm - One needs to know what makeup involves and the market you are after. If you want to be a professional makeup artist, you need to be aware of the fact that your timings are not going to be 9-5.
Sahher Bambba: Focus on the now and just be! @ 16 Nov 2019 6:25 pm - It’s very important to have a positive approach towards life because there can be a million things you can pin-point which are not going right in your life but there are also a million things you should be grateful for.
Suchitra Ayappa: The meek shall inherit the earth! @ 5 Oct 2019 2:43 pm - I’ve always been one to say “No” to things that are not inspiring to me. My phone is off on Sundays and is used only on camera mode on holidays. I don’t even glance at it when I’m with family and friends.
Arlette Evita Grao: Expect nothing. Appreciate everything. Peace out! @ 4 Oct 2019 8:13 am - Most people, who know me, know that I love my food. If I love it, I’m savouring every bit of it. I eat everything! My favourite cuisine is Asian.
Bhendi Bazaar: chaos, a comfort for residents! @ 1 Oct 2019 8:24 pm - Not only the Mumbai skyline, even the by lanes down below are no more the same. It’s congested, with no place to walk, leave alone letting an Ambulance or a Fire Brigade come in during a contingency.
Kunal Sharma: Enjoy each day and each breath! @ 1 Oct 2019 10:24 am - There is no specific fitness regime for me. But what I definitely try is to incorporate any form of physical activity into my daily routine. I walk, run, do yoga...
Iris Maity: I believe in magic and I believe in me! @ 26 Sep 2019 8:29 pm - My mantra in life is work hard, it will always pay back. I also believe that what is mine will come to me no matter what. I believe in magic and I believe in me!
Rashmi Kumar: I never imagined I would be in North America! @ 25 Sep 2019 12:00 am - Moving out of India was never on the agenda, I just got married and that’s when I had to leave India to be with my husband. When in love it doesn’t really matter which country you are moving to.
Craig Scott: When I train, I feel ‘alive’! @ 8 Jul 2019 5:11 pm - My exercise routine since the last one year has been mainly rehabilitation, isometric and unilateral training with a huge dose of front squats, dead lifts and yoga. I get in about five days of training in a week.