Ritu Shivpuri: You evolve when you put people’s needs before yours! @ 7 May 2018 12:41 pm - Making certain lifestyle changes helps: each person should take a good look at themselves and do what suits their body-type the best. Also, one needs to be hydrated throughout the day.
Pavleen Gujral: Your mouth creates saliva that is self-healing! @ 4 May 2018 7:58 pm - I start my day with half a bottle of water: it’s a Japanese therapy where they say at night your mouth creates saliva that is self-healing and can cure any disease that your body incurs, so you should drink it in.
Dr. Aditi Govitrikar: Sitting is the new smoking! @ 11 Apr 2018 9:53 am - I believe in a healthy body resides a healthy mind. Since I am now a qualified psychologist, wellness expert and a counsellor, I look after my body. I am mindful of my flexibility, strength and stamina and see to it that I take care of these three components.
Molly Sweeney is coming to town! @ 9 Apr 2018 5:50 pm - Molly Sweeney, blind since infancy, is leading a contented and fulfilling life despite her disability. One fine day, her husband Frank persuades her to undergo a series of operations that might restore her sight.
Harry Winston celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Ocean Collection @ 30 Mar 2018 6:28 pm - Women are in for a treat this year with four new Ocean Collection models awash in color. In pride of place, the limited edition Ocean 20th Anniversary Biretrograde Automatic 36mm embarks on her maiden voyage in a high jewelry sea of neon-blue Paraiba tourmalines, brilliant diamonds and mother-of-pearl.
Anita Kanwal: No garment can give a woman the sensuous appeal a saree can! @ 28 Mar 2018 2:19 pm - The saree has already made its way across the globe in the form of drape gowns which seem to be the western world’s opinion of a saree. On my part, I have created sarees with a twist which are easy for the global customers to adapt to.
Speedo & AquaPhysical introduce workouts on water! @ 23 Mar 2018 6:17 pm - AquaPhysical’s popular Floatfit Class is a low-impact, cross-training workout on water taken on the world’s first fitness float—the aquabase. The full body workout perfectly demonstrates the full potential of the H2O Active collection, with classes incorporating a mix of both water and land-based exercises using the aquabase board.
Adrian D’Souza: Practice like you’ve never won… perform like you’ve never lost! @ 21 Mar 2018 3:18 pm - My life mantra is simple: “Practice like you’ve never won… Perform like you’ve never lost.”  Mind over Body is the name of the game. For a goalkeeper, it’s 70 per cent mind and balance is physical.
Tina Desai: I stress easily about the small things… @ 21 Mar 2018 8:44 am - I don’t really think about carbs, proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins as some do; I just generally think I need to have pulses, greens, vegetables, wheat, rice, eggs… just the basic things. I don’t pay attention to what each nutrient is.
Why Kareena loves this Karishma…! @ 19 Mar 2018 11:45 am - Karishma started her career as a buyer for a fashion house, catering mostly to film stars. She later launched her own label ‘Karishma Trehan’ and housed her garments at one of the best retail stores. in Mumbai.