By Kunal Sharma | Opening Doorz Editorial | October 01, 2019

Kunal Sharma on his workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

Well, there is no specific fitness regime for me. But what I definitely try is to incorporate any form of physical activity into my daily routine. It’s not just lifting weights in the gym; options include running in a park or just walking around or doing yoga. Being an actor, I travel a lot; hence regular visit to the gym is impractical. I try to perform any as much physical activities as I can in order to remain disciplined towards my workout.

Eating Habits

I am a vegetarian and I really enjoy my ghaas phoos. When I tell people that I am a vegetarian, they don’t believe me. The first question that they ask is, “If you are a vegetarian, how do you manage a body like that?” People have a myth that a good body can’t be built by a person indulging in only a vegetarian diet. I believe, whatever you are, either a vegetarian or a non- vegetarian or vegan, be your best version. I try to eat clean, healthy food which fulfils my daily micros and macros requirement. Water plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle and hence, plain warm water is my favourite beverage. I hardly have a cheat day, because I feel cheating (of any kind) has no space in this small beautiful life. Earlier, I used to eat anything but now I choose my food wisely. It’s exactly like choosing a human company; you will become the people with whom you mingle!

Kunal Sharma: Enjoy each day and each breath
Water plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle and hence, plain warm water is my favourite beverage,” says Kunal Sharma.

Spiritual Quotient

Meditation is very helpful in leading a stress-free life. One should do it every day for at least 15 minutes. Since our breath is the most precious gift given to any living being on earth, we need to be consciously aware of it! I ensure that my meditation time is sacrosanct. My life mantra is simple: “enjoy each day and each breath’. I believe none of us is perfect. Even our seniors whom we look up to; they miss out on so many things but they keep trying to learn from their mistakes and keep moving ahead.

(Kunal Sharma is a Bollywood actor who one day hopes to conquer his inconsistencies and weaknesses to become that illusionary ‘Perfect Man’. He has been seen in films like Rahasya, The Legend of Michael Mishra, The Ghazi Attack and will soon be seen in Salman Khan’s upcoming TV series on Sony TV).

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