Wake up and smell the Koffee, Joharsaab! @ 11 Jan 2019 6:56 pm - Why is Karan Johar not being banned by Cine and TV Artists Association (CINTAA)? I can imagine him laughing, throwing his head back, at Hardik’s ‘Main karke aaya,’ comment. He should have been aghast!
Rewinding with Ragini Khanna… @ 10 Jan 2019 6:58 pm - I’m very health conscious now. I eat only what is beneficial for my health. Salads, soups and proteins; It’s all about what makes me feel active.
Genelia and Riteish Jodi… Lai Bhaari! @ 4 Dec 2018 11:26 am - Surf Laavun Dhuvun Taak from the Marathi film Mauli, is an out-and-out dance song based on the Holi theme which is sure to replace the other chart-busters. The film released on December 14.
Kirti Kulhari bids adieu to social media! @ 30 Oct 2018 2:17 pm - Kirti Kulhari has done what she feels is the best, moved away from the social media platform. It takes a lot of courage for a celebrity to take a step in that direction.
#MeToo is cleaning up Bollywood and we might finally see talent getting its due! @ 22 Oct 2018 8:35 pm - #MeToo is doing its cleaning up, karma is catching up, and I believe even male will now come out with their #MeToo stories. Everyone who is Anyone in the industry also knows about this.
NO MEANS NO! Tanushree Dutta roasts Bollywood! @ 3 Oct 2018 11:46 am - It would be nice to see Bollywood erupt in support for one of their own. A woman is asking for justice. She is fighting for justice. It’s up to the women (and men) out there to ensure they stand by her!
Witnessing Nawazuddin as Manto is the closest to knowing the writer himself: Ekavali Khanna @ 17 Sep 2018 4:24 pm - Right from the very first sequence, Manto portrays elements of brilliance: be it the storytelling the aesthetics, the costumes, the impeccable detailing or even the sound.
I love Lakshmi… not Sonia! @ 16 Sep 2018 7:21 pm - Lakshmi will always be the benchmark for any film on human trafficking, coming out of Bollywood. Love Sonia disappoints!
IMC Ladies’ Wing, Love Sonia! @ 16 Sep 2018 6:06 pm - This special screening of Love Sonia was curated and moderated by Aarti Surendranath and ably executed by Kalpana Singhania, Surbhi Ghatlia and Anuja Mittal.
Anisa Butt: Finding the missing link to nepotism in Bollywood! @ 21 Aug 2018 10:18 am - Nepotism does frustrate you; for every actor, it becomes frustrating. Star kids have an advantage in the sense they get multiple opportunities to show their skill.