Baba, Hirani, Morani and Bachchan! @ 6 Jul 2018 9:34 am - It takes tremendous insight by a director with foresight to imagine a character much before he is fleshed out on screen. And here, I can safely say that no casting agency can take the credit. Take a bow, Raj Kumar Hirani!
Casting directors have tapped the versatility of my face and personality: Ekavali Khanna @ 16 May 2018 2:48 pm - “I've been very fortunate to have been cast in diverse characters and I owe it largely to the imagination of the phenomenal casting directors we have in Mumbai now. They have tapped the versatility of my face and personality.”
Ekavali Khanna… Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain… Class Apart! @ 7 May 2018 7:20 pm - For an actor it is very liberating to play a character who is not at all like you. Najma is a complete opposite of who I am. It was a challenge for me playing this role and having the audience hate me.
Sanju ala re… @ 24 Apr 2018 6:44 pm - Produced by Vinod Chopra Films, Rajkumar Hirani Films and Fox Star Studios, Sanju will be released on June 29 and also stars Anushka Sharma, Dia Mirza, Manisha Koirala and Paresh Rawal in key roles.
#MeToo, Sri Reddy and MAA ka pyaar! @ 10 Apr 2018 4:59 pm - Wake up all who hash-tagged #MeToo! Sri may be a lone voice crying out for justice, but I’m sure there are many more, even in Bollywood, who have faced torture because of the ‘casting couch’. Let not the couch, or pedigree, decide your talent.
Pavleen Gujral: Talented actors are not getting their due @ 3 Apr 2018 7:59 pm - Like most talented actors in this industry, Pavleen has realized that talent alone will get you nowhere. “In this industry it’s not only enough to be talented; you have to promote yourself silly. There are so many non-talented people who are doing great projects which is so unfair,” she says.
Akshay Kumar, Mrs Funnybones and FarOutAkhtar! @ 2 Apr 2018 12:29 pm - Sources close to Mrs Funnybones make no bones about the fact that Akki’s dress sense was yet to hit the mark, even with the torn magazine pages for reference. It was his wife that changed his entire outlook to dressing, not only making him look ‘dishy’, but dapper too!
Television is not limited to nepotism, there is no sense of entitlement here: Ragini Khanna @ 8 Mar 2018 12:00 am - I realized I was almost stuck in a rut; doing the same things day after day, almost on snooze! Apart from daily soaps, I was also busy with Award shows, promotions, reality shows (hosting and as a participant), performing… As an artiste, my emotional bank was exhausted.
Three’s ‘company’ for Swagata Naik! @ 16 Feb 2018 10:08 am - Seeing young blood infused into an old industry brings a new energy on screen, and that’s exactly what Swagata brings to stage/screen with her every time. Swagata is a wonderful example of someone who broke through into the industry without a godfather or influence, and is leading the charge.
Has Swara done a Nawazuddin Siddiqui? @ 12 Feb 2018 1:45 am - Has Swara Bhaskar done a Nawazuddin Siddiqui? Or has she done a Vivek Oberoi? Nawazbhai was going great guns with his career peaking up when his PR team decided he should get immortal with his book. We all know how Vivek acted josh mein...