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Baal Baal Dekho!
Koena Mitra is back, and in Big Boss with the Big Boss of Bollywood. Flagged-off on the panel of Bombay Times today, with a full story inside, Koena shoots straight from the hip, when Neha Maheshwari inquires about her plastic surgery gone wrong… Koena cuts short the question with her answer: “I want to ask you this question. This is the worst-kept story of our industry. Many have done it and many do it, but no one talks about it, as if it’s a crime or a sin. It’s a part of my story, so I didn’t mind talking about it. I gave statements and that’s why yeh peecha nahi chhodta. Even though it’s been eight-nine years people don’t stop asking me about it. Also, why are only women trapped and attacked when it comes to cosmetic enhancement? You are fine with 60 and 50-year-old men from our industry with no wrinkles and heads full of hair looking like they have returned to their 20s!”

Good answer. Good question. Now for the day when an Amitabh, SRK, Salman film releases or an opportunity to interview Jeetendra arises, will the question be asked, “Sir, tell us the secret of your head full of healthy hair?”

I’m a joking!

Koena Mitra talks like a Big Boss
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, who has the healthiest hair of them all!

Don’t lament after they are gone, those are Khote tears!
“He didn’t get the roles he deserves” reads an article in Mumbai Mirror a day after he passed away. I am speaking about veteran actor Viju Khote who passed away yesterday. Better known as Kaalia of the Gabbar Singh fame, Khote, we all know, was a fine actor. His body of work is impressive, especially in theatre.

We also know that roles in films are given to those with ‘connections’ and talent does not matter. So what’s the point of lamenting now. My humble request to Bollywood directors and producers; please lookout for talent and give them at least one chance to shine. Enough of sons and daughters being launched; shift the lens onto talent. There are so many from outside Mumbai coming to try their hand and who are genuinely talented.

Two years ago we saw Banita Sandhu in October, where is she? Vijay Varma (Gully Boy, Chittagong) is another gem, where is he? Salim Diwan announced his arrival in Bollywood Diaries, where is he? Shriswara gave a heartfelt performance in D-Day, where is she? Archita Agarwal blazed away in a two-minute role in Satyamev Jayate , where is she? Monali Thakur was a powerhouse in Lakshmi, where is she? Cherry Mardia was brilliant in Jigariyaa, where is she?

It’s not that Casting Agencies or directors are not aware of them… Maybe, once all the star sons and daughters are launched, then these will get a chance as grandparents!

I’m a joking!

Rajveer, the ‘craze’, will Roshan!
Sunny Deol we hear is now all set to launch his son Rajveer. Karan did not get favourable reviews for his debut film Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass and sources close to the Deols are amazed at the brilliant editing work in the movie. For me, though Karan has shown promise, all he needs to be told that what he got on a platter many are desperate to have. Once he sets his mind on the job (never mind his two left feet) and shows sincerity in his approach to a scene, all will be well. As for Rajveer, we hear that he will be another ‘craze’. “Just like Hrithik Roshan,” is what the insiders say.

I’m a serious!

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