Anisa Butt Hope Anisa Butt ready with her book titled Hope: Black Lives Matter and SSR @ 15 Jun 2021 12:15 am - Anisa Butt ready with her book, Hope, where she has dedicated a poem to the 'Black Lives Matter' movement and Sushant Singh Rajput.
Manasi Saharan: Model, designer, actor, entrepreneur! @ 11 Jun 2021 12:00 am - Manasi Saharan is a model, designer, actor and entrepreneur hailing from Rajasthan. 'Anasi' is a brand recently launched by her which she also models.
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Acid Attack Survivor Kunti Acid Attack Survivor Kunti Soni: My future is in my control! @ 2 Jun 2021 7:58 pm - Acid Attack Survivor Kunti Soni says, "What happened wasn’t in my control, but my future is and that is what gets all my attention.”
Airforce Salute to Sonu Sood “Airforce salute to Sonu Sood,” says Anupama Varma @ 25 May 2021 9:38 am - "Airforce salute to Sonu Sood," says Anupama Varma. "We have to find new leadership with courage, whoever it is," says Akbar Khan.
Acid Attack Survivor Pramodini Acid Attack Survivor: Pramodini Roul, standing tall, fighting for justice @ 16 May 2021 6:34 pm - Acid Attack Survivor Pramodini Roul's story is one that will give you goose bumps. She fought paralysis and is now fighting her attackers.
Sonu Sood continues his fight for the marginalised @ 4 May 2021 9:02 am - Sonu Sood continues his fight for the marginalised. Let us join hands in whatever way we can to uplift those in need. Even a small bit will go a long way.
Faye D’Souza: Just The News is showing us the Mirror Now! @ 1 May 2021 9:59 am - If Media Houses continue feeding us serials in the form of news, the time will not be far when people will switch on to Just The News by Faye D'Souza.
Kajol Muskan Hussain: From Chhattisgarh to the city of dreams @ 29 Apr 2021 6:47 pm - Kajol Muskan Hussain from Chhattisgarh has worked her way through the storms of life to where she is today. Forbidden Angels is her chance to stardom.
Down Syndrome: Why not me, asks Gaurav Sehjpal! @ 6 Apr 2021 9:40 pm - Down Syndrome: Why not me, asks Gaurav Sehjpal who does not freeze when in front of the camera. In fact, he lets his light shine.