Rahul Gandhi and Forest Gump: Real Life meets Reel Life - Rahul Gandhi and Forest Gump: The Quest to Make a Difference. When Real Life imitates an inspiring Reel Life, the results can be positive.
‘Ben Stokes’, Bose D. K., Kohli, Gambhir! - Virat Kohli, Gautam Gambhir, Kim Kardashian, Ben Stokes, Bose D K... breaking the internet today all over the world, globally!
Reeva Kulkarni… stepping out of paradise! - Reeva Kulkarni: stepping out of paradise. Reeva Kulkarni finds her calling as she steps out of her comfort zone to help the under-privileged.
Opening Doorz to Buggy Driver Camilo Peixito - Buggy driver Camillo Peixito, from Chandor, Salcete Goa, India, has been a fixture at the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort for the past two years.
Social media queens: Genelia, Neha, and Aisha  - Social media queens Genelia, Neha and Aisha Sharma are highlighting the gains of travel and fitness to their millions of followers.
ABP Network’s Ideas of India Summit is back  - The ABP Network’s Ideas of India Summit 2023 is back again this year. The Summit will bring together bright minds from across industries.
The Chosen by Dallas Jenkins The Chosen: Dallas Jenkins from Rock Bottom - The Chosen by Dallas Jenkins: Jenkins and his team have stitched together scenes that will have a resounding impact in eternity.
Anitha Sunil Kumar… In Symphony with Creation! - Anitha Sunil Kumar... In Symphony with creation! Her exhibition titled 'The Symphony of Colours' is currently on at Jehangir Art Gallery.
Alex Silveira Alex Silveira has run the good race! - Alex Silveira: You've run a good race Aloo. You have fought the good fight and finished the race. You have kept the faith...
Celebrating Life with Our Mother Margaret - Today, Our Mother Margaret celebrates her 90th Birthday. She fell short by 18. There is still that pang of separation. But I don’t grieve.