By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | January 26, 2022

The Bishop and a Pawn

Welcome to the world of Sati; well not exactly, but if you draw a parallel, that is what is being alluded to by Supercop Julio Ribeiro in his opinion in The Tribune a few days ago.  Supercop Ribeiro is hinting that the Nun is of ‘questionable character’ and she is no “spring chicken”.

I guess, she might as well sit on the pyre and burn in hell.

And what does he mean by saying “she is no spring chicken”? Does it mean she is ripe for the taking?

What wisdom in a 90-year old, someone who has been celebrated in our country for his fearlessness? With this one stroke of genius (I will not say under pressure), he has negated the image most had of him?

Finished off from point-blank range

And what has he done to the Nun? Finished her off… with a shot from point-blank range!

In his piece, he thinks he has given Mulakkal ‘his clean chit’. After all, he is a celebrated cop. But here is where Supercop is wrong: there is a God above and the case is far from over.

It is so easy for a man to label a woman as “loose”. They think it is their domain to take advantage or violate a woman against her will, especially at places of work and worship. In his opinion, never once does he berate Mulakkal for taking advantage of his position. Oh yes, he has seen the picture of the Nun, happy with the Bishop, after the supposed rape. And he has concluded that it was consensual and she is now getting back at Mulakkal because she did not get what she wanted. Did he even once question the conscience of Mulakkal? For him repeatedly continuing with this gross act?

Sir, do you think a Nun is off her rockers to file a case of rape against a Bishop just to get even with him? 

As a cop, you will know how difficult it is for a woman to report a rape. You know how a woman is ‘raped’ again in the court during cross-questioning. It takes extraordinary courage to fight against these hyenas.

In one stroke of genius, Ribeiro has decimated her character and pronounced her guilty.

The Bishop and a Pawn

Delayed reporting of sexual abuse, justice served

What would have happened if women had no courage to speak for the wrong they were subjected to by Harvey Weinstein… after many years? Did they report the case the next day? Did they not suffer in silence, the humiliation and violation of their bodies? Were there no images of them, supposedly happy, around Weinstein after the humiliation? There would have been, no?

According to Supercop’s opinion, one can deduce that Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd, Jennifer Lawrence, Uma Thurman and other Hollywood women who got the courage to speak out (decades after the abuse) are to be blamed? After all, they were no “spring chicken” and they reported the sexual abuse because they wanted to get even! 

But the Nun, according to Ribeiro, should have run to the police station the very next day!

And where is Harvey Weinstein today, Sir? I believe he is serving 23 years in prison at Wende Correctional Facility.

And where do you think Mulakkal will be? Your guess is as good as mine.

It takes courage: The Priya Ramani Case

What about Journalist Priya Ramani and ex-Union Minister M J Akbar? Is Priya Ramani to be blamed for speaking out after so many years?

Yes, it takes special courage to haul up a Bishop in court. 

Yes, it takes a special courage for this Nun to seek justice.

Yes, it takes a special courage for a husband to stand by his wife when the force is against them.

Only a coward will call her a gold digger!

Wake up call for all in the Catholic Church

Wake up, women of India. Wake up women in the Catholic Church. Raise your voices against these atrocities on the Nuns by the religious heads and on unsuspecting kids by perverse Priests.

“He raped you, how dare you fight back?” “He is just a boy, not a girl. So what’s the big deal” Is that how we treat our women and abused children who seek justice?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy challenged the evil of sati. Robocop is, perhaps, trying to get it back… in a different way. Don’t report rape. Suffer in silence. After all, you are a woman. What chance do you have? A woman is always to be blamed.

Remember, Sir, the case is going to the higher court and Justice will be given to the Nun who, according to you, is no “spring chicken.”

Sir, have you really read The Imitation of Christ? Or are you just mentioning it to appear knowledgeable in the teachings of Christ? As a practising Catholic, for who the “teachings of Christ have always been fascinating”, you should know that truth prevails.

(Moody Marty: Sometimes funny, sometimes informative, always downright forthright!)

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  1. Great to see you voicing your opinion and standing up for the nun’s and the helpless children. I am one who suffered as well at the hands of the priest as a child, but never said a word, as our parents always said the priest were from God and could never do wrong. Glad the can of worms are opening up, not only in N. America, but you Martin are opening up what’s been going on in India. I stand behind you all the way.

    • Well written Martin, it’s only those who suffer this abuse know what is to live with this harrowing experience,.You have disturbed the hornet’s nest….I am afraid there are many skeletons in the cupboards of the Church….let these abuses not be taken for granted.. Children and women go through untold trauma and it affects their entire life. Let’s be empthateic and supportive with the compassion of Jesus

  2. Well done Martin!! No prize for guessing on whose side Julio is!!! Forget questioning the Rapist Franco, did he even “dare” to have a meeting with the nun??? I say “dare” because what impression would he be giving the “Church Hierarcy” if he did???? He has to show full support to the Church. The hierarchy didnt dare come up with their opinion but Julio did!! Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

    Yes, truly the nun is no spring chicken BUT Franco is surely a well seasoned Cock!!

    Seriously has Julio being taken by surprise with all these sexual goings on in the Church?

  3. Martin, appreciate you for speaking your mind. I feel let down by Julio Rebeiro’s uncharitable
    labelling of the courageous Nun. It displays utter insensitiveity and lack of understanding of the way women are looked upon and the way they respond when such attrocities are committed upon them especially by a priest (bishop). The kind of unimaginable
    community backlash and ostracization can only be exptessed by those who have found themselves on the opposite side of this powerful (un)holy gang. Women are scarred to come out in the ope, Nuns are considered as mere service probiders to the clergy and supposed to accept whatever is thrust upon them. Julio must have had it easy to deal with these dark sheperds on account of his name and position in the society. That doesn’t mean its the same for other parishioners . Rather than appreciating the bold step taken by the victim Nun in exposing what goes on behind the altar and underneath the robes, a cursory dismissal/labelling of the pain and humiliation leaves a very bad taste.

  4. Little late did I come across this piece. Marty has the right words, with a bit sarcasm but courage to attack a whole system and the patriarchy. people like you is salvation for us the women tribe – always forgiving and venerating even the ‘foxes’.

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