Aisha Sharma: Bond Girl with Hrithik Roshan! @ 25 Mar 2020 4:09 pm - Aisha Sharma is content with herself and knows that the Universe will give her what is hers. That’s what sets her apart, apart from her ‘drop dead gorgeous look’.
Anisa Butt in Code M, a Web Series @ 13 Jan 2020 3:23 pm - Anisa Butt will next be seen in Code M, an army-based Web Series for Alt Balaji. Directed by Akshay Choubey, this thriller sees Anisa in a role different from the others she has portrayed so far.
Hrithik Roshan: The name’s Roshan… Roshan Bond! @ 28 Oct 2019 11:29 am - To an outsider, it looked like a family holiday. But to the one looking from Hrithik’s wounded and troubled heart and his lonesome eyes, one could see the pain, the effort and the joy of getting his family back together.


Kapil, Pant, Srinath and Dhoni! @ 4 Feb 2020 11:10 am - Kapil should know about cricketers not getting disheartened—Javagal Srinath is a prime example. Srinath never got disheartened even as Kapil continued in search of his records as the Karnataka speedster kept running with drinks on the field.
Rajat Yadav and the Dr. Romeo Jozak style of coaching! @ 31 Jan 2020 3:03 pm - Dr Jozak, a Ph.D in soccer from the University of Zagreb, splits though the overview to get to the root of playing soccer and that is what intrigued Rajat Yadav from Delhi into incorporating his style of coaching when he chanced upon his training DVD a few years ago.
Giles Shield Final: Dilip Vengsarkar, Nadim Memon bat for schools cricket @ 24 Jan 2020 10:18 am - Well done MSSA (Mumbai Schools Sports Association). Well done Nadim Memon; sports in general need selfless administrators like you!

Celebrating Life

Anisa Butt: We may not be able to move, but prayer moves things! @ 27 Mar 2020 1:44 pm - Having her family back in the United Kingdom, and being a constant visitor to India for work, her family wanted her to fly back. However, being a responsible adult, Anisa Butt decided otherwise and is staying put in Mumbai.
Uddhav Thackeray: The Common Man’s Chief Minister! @ 26 Mar 2020 7:17 pm - Did R K Laxman model his Common Man on Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray? Seems like; because the late Laxman was always far ahead of his time.
Justin Trudeau: Shepherding Canadians in times of a global crisis! @ 21 Mar 2020 11:25 pm - In times of crisis, the true test of character of a leader is laid bare. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with his appeal and assurance to Canadians on March 19, in his address to the Nation on COVID-19, displayed the three important qualities that set apart a true leader: Competence, Connection and Character.

Movie Reviews

Thappad Movie Review: Why be a doormat wife? @ 3 Mar 2020 10:25 am - What’s right with Thappad? Nothing, except for the last scene where the maid slaps her husband in retaliation. Now, that's a Thappad worth the price of a ticket!
Malang Movie Review: Action-packed thriller! @ 8 Feb 2020 11:48 am - Malang, true to its promise, does unleash the madness. Step out if you want an action flick with no-frills attached. Don’t miss the ending, not a solid impact, but a twist nonetheless.
Tanhaji—The Unsung Warrior Movie Review: Too much cinematic liberty! @ 11 Jan 2020 6:54 pm - The sets are lavish, the screenplay laudable and the background score lifts the goings-on, on screen. The script, however, is lacking in depth and finesse.


Shweta Menon Fitness Routine Shwetha Menon: I believe in practicing humanity! @ 1 Apr 2020 2:24 pm - We are blessed with a great culture which our parents have passed on to us. Our traditional foods are very balanced. I strongly believe that weight loss is the result of 80 per cent of what you put in your stomach and 20 per cent of the physical activities you engage in or the workout you do.
Dr Chetan Shetty: Guidelines to use of mask during COVID-19 @ 23 Mar 2020 5:24 pm - Should we use a mask? Who needs to wear a mask, and what is the right way to wear/use a face mask during the threat that is now posed upon us by COVID-19? Dr Chetan Shetty answers.
Koolar: The Irani Restaurant at King’s Circle! @ 16 Mar 2020 4:01 pm - The Irani Restaurant, Koolar and Company has come a long way since its inception under the partnership of brothers Mandou and Saffaro.

Book Reviews

Five Feet Apart Book Review Five Feet Apart Book Review: Distancing Love! @ 30 Mar 2020 2:33 pm - Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott, throws light on the medical conditions of Cystic Fibrosis and B. Cepacia and what the people suffering from this condition go through.
Wonder Book Review: A wonderful perspective! @ 28 Apr 2019 5:30 pm - Wonder is different. The story is told through different perspectives of each character, hence helping us look at the situation from all the possible angles and from every character's point of view.
Messi Book Review: The Man, The Star, Legend! @ 27 Feb 2019 12:02 pm - With not a very rich background, and being diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency early on, Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini, the most revered footballer in history, has come a very long way.



At Control ALT Delete, music was the winner! @ 9 Feb 2020 10:47 pm - The recently-concluded ‘Control ALT Delete’ which people described as a “chill and comfortable vibe” Music Festival had music that ranged from slow tempo music to rap to hardcore metal to electronic music.
Control ALT Delete: Crowd-Funded Music Festival! @ 31 Jan 2020 9:53 am - Control Alt Delete is India’s biggest crowd-funded Music Festival. The 12th Edition of this two-day Music Festival begins tomorrow, February 01, 2020 and is on till Sunday, February 02, 2020.
Neil Nayyar: Fiddler on the roof! @ 19 Sep 2019 11:37 am - Neil Nayyar is just 13-years-old and has already performed on 107 musical instruments. Opening Doorz to the shy lad from California, US, who is also into Kung Fu and singing.