Miss Bakshi caught in a web! @ 21 Feb 2019 7:27 pm - Ashmita Bakshi is style personified. A product from the stable of 'Brand Femina', Ashmita has been making slow, but sure inroads into Bollywood.
Niharica Raizada has hearts beating from Luxembourg to India! @ 23 Jan 2019 1:43 pm - Niharica Raizada is not the normal actor you will meet. And Niharica Raizada is not the normal medico you will meet either. Heavens! An actor who is a medico (and vice-versa) can be a potential hazard. And a ‘pretty’ one at that!
Wake up and smell the Koffee, Joharsaab! @ 11 Jan 2019 6:56 pm - Why is Karan Johar not being banned by Cine and TV Artists Association (CINTAA)? I can imagine him laughing, throwing his head back, at Hardik’s ‘Main karke aaya,’ comment. He should have been aghast!


Vivien Vajda: 14-time Jump Rope World Champion! @ 20 Feb 2019 5:55 pm - Opening Doorz to Vivien Vajda, 14 times Jump Rope World Champion athlete in individual events (speed and freestyle), who has also broken two World records and a European record, who reveals she still has no sponsors!
Post Mortem of Mumbai Cricket Association: Sack Ajit Agarkar! @ 31 Jan 2019 1:52 pm - What was the role of the selectors from the beginning? The senior selectors did not watch a single match. Moreover, they ignored the top performers from the MCA Tournaments: on what basis?
At 85, Alex Silveira is as eager to bolt off the blocks! @ 21 Jan 2019 12:30 pm - Alex Silveira, the Sprint King from Western Railway, who was part of the famous Indian quartet in the 4x400 m relay along with Milkha Singh, J B Joseph and Joginder Singh, turned 85 yesterday.

Celebrating Life

Into that heaven of freedom my handset, let my mind awake! @ 8 Feb 2019 9:41 pm - Whenever I feel I have lost access to a massive network of contacts, I remind myself that ‘freedom always comes at a price and with a good sense of discipline and responsibility’.
Opening Doorz to the #RajKaushalChallenge! @ 25 Jan 2019 5:37 pm - The reason I am posting this picture is just to share with my friends that just like me all of us are in different phases in our lives—Some on a high, some listless and in a comfort zone, and some in a complete mess.
AyMo… Alim Morani in the house! @ 16 Jan 2019 2:06 pm - I’d always suggest somebody with a passion to simply make a start. A start will get you on your way at the least. Where you go from there is what the journey is all about.

Movie Reviews

Gully Boy Movie Review: Happy Gully Boy to you! @ 14 Feb 2019 6:36 pm - Gully Boy is a celebration of life in Asia’s largest Slum. It does not demean the society but brings it to light in a beautiful manner without the frills and fancy of a typical Bollywood film. No naach gaana, no dishoom dishoom, just plain story-telling with its heart in the right place.
Why Cheat India Movie Review: Why Emraan, why? @ 18 Jan 2019 12:51 pm - The only actor to catch the eye is Shreya Dhanwanthary who excels in the ‘Plain Jane’ look as well as the girl in a corporate set-up. Her transition, screen presence and character graph is the only good thing in the flick.
The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review: Akshaye is King! @ 11 Jan 2019 4:00 pm - The movie is more a docu-comedy with director Vijay Gutte trying to highlight Dr Singh as he is. In that sense, he has been honest and Dr Singh’s character shines out throughout.


Riya Sen: My travels make me realise there are greater things in life! @ 21 Feb 2019 3:57 pm - For me, being active and on my feet is enough to burn fat. Since I’m either shooting or travelling most of the time, it is very difficult to have a set routine. Whenever I get a few days to unwind, I prefer relaxing in bed with my dogs. 
Swagata Naik: I’m stress-free when I’m watching movies! @ 19 Feb 2019 3:12 pm - I don’t stress that easily but when I do, I seek support from friends and play with my dogs. I like to attack the situation logically by asking this very simple question: what’s the worst that can happen?
Ashmita Bakshi: Cut negative people out of your life! @ 6 Jan 2019 12:00 am - Exercise is life for me since I come from a sports background (hockey). My father is President of Mumbai Hockey Federation (Mangha Singh Bakshi) and my grandfather was renowned hockey player late Mr Dilbaugh Singh Bakshi.