A night when the R D Burman Era Concert had music lovers in a trance! @ 25 Oct 2020 5:01 pm - A week after the The R D Burman Era Concert was relayed 'live' via Mumbai, accolades continue to pour in for the musicians and Utsav Sacramento.
Trumpeter Kishore Sodha: The real Muqaddar Ka Sikandar! @ 16 Oct 2020 10:51 am - Kishore Sodha, who started with Muqaddar Ka Sikander, in conversation with Opening Doorz as he readies for the 'Live' R D Burman Era Concert.
From California, via Burman Studio, India… R D Burman Concert, ‘Live’! @ 11 Oct 2020 5:28 pm - On Sunday, October 18, UTSAV Sacramento will be conducting a ‘Live’ online concert from the R D Burman studios in Mumbai, India.
Shayan Italia, Delraaz Bunshah: The Power of Love! Shayan Italia, Delraaz Bunshah: The Power of Love! @ 30 Apr 2020 11:17 am - Shayan Italia with his Jennifer Rush rendition of The Power of Love sung by Delraaz Bunshah and the Global Lockdown Choir is touching a chord all across.
At Control ALT Delete, music was the winner! @ 9 Feb 2020 10:47 pm - The recently-concluded ‘Control ALT Delete’ which people described as a “chill and comfortable vibe” Music Festival had music that ranged from slow tempo music to rap to hardcore metal to electronic music.
Control ALT Delete: Crowd-Funded Music Festival! @ 31 Jan 2020 9:53 am - Control Alt Delete is India’s biggest crowd-funded Music Festival. The 12th Edition of this two-day Music Festival begins tomorrow, February 01, 2020 and is on till Sunday, February 02, 2020.
Neil Nayyar: Fiddler on the roof! @ 19 Sep 2019 11:37 am - Neil Nayyar is just 13-years-old and has already performed on 107 musical instruments. Opening Doorz to the shy lad from California, US, who is also into Kung Fu and singing.
Enki Bello is now Kiki Bello: Enamorada de ti @ 7 Sep 2019 1:48 pm - Enki Bello is now Kiki Bello, a stage name she has adapted to recently. Commenting on the shift from Enki to Kiki, the Columbian Harpist par excellence assures us that her official name is still Enki Bello.
Johanne Astrid, the 12-year-old drumming sensation! @ 9 Jan 2019 10:03 pm - Initially, I just kind of played for fun. Around age nine I got more structured in my practice and today I practice two hours every day. This is apart from my band rehearsals and rehearsals for concerts.
Enki Bello: The Colombian Harpist who adores Shakira! @ 17 Aug 2018 11:00 pm - My parents are the coolest parents in the world. They never forced me to do anything. They introduced me to different things; they showed me different musical instruments, but it was my own choice to get into music.