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A Std X student of Don Bosco High School, Matunga, David Cavale, a lad with immense talent, knows that hard work is what gets you to the top. Right now, it is his music that has got him to be noticed, but just a few minutes with him talking music, and you learn that David is just as passionate about Maths and Science. Inadvertently, he speaks about academics and his desire to pursue Science after he finishes his SSC.

While many find Maths difficult and challenging he loves the subject and even though everyone says Science is tough, he is up for the challenge. Yes, a challenge is always what the David is ready for; no Goliath can deter him! He has learnt to play the flute, Saxaphone, and even the Bass Guitar which he is currently playing in the School Band, headed by Saby Franco, the School’s Music Master. Hold on, he has also learnt to play the lead guitar! “I learnt the lead guitar on my own without tutors or classes and even when it was not so easy, I didn’t give up,” says David.

There’s a swing when he plucks the Bass Guitar and a smile as he offers the root notes to the band. ‘Master Blaster’ by Stevie Wonder got Don Bosco, Matunga, the First Runner-Up Trophy at this Year’s ‘Band-It’ Competition organised by Furtados for all schools. Blasting with ease, drummer and bassist swung along with the other musicians… “jammin’ till the break of dawn…”

Opening Doorz to David Cavale, who loves to jam to the Beatles and Queen.

Music comes knocking very early in school

When David was in Std IV, his Music Teacher, Sebastian called a few boys aside, David being one of them, and suggested they could join the band if they were interested in music. That was when David decided to join the Marching Band and began with playing flute. Since then, he has learnt to play a multiple instruments and is in fact good at all. He played the Alto Saxophone and also went on to play Tenor Saxophone. After having attended a guitar camp the following year, he started playing the rhythm guitar and eventually learnt bass guitar.

David Cavale the Goliath Musician
“I have learnt to play the lead guitar all by myself,” says David Cavale.

No plans on music as a career

When asked about continuing music as a career David says, “I have given it a thought but music as a career is not for me, I want to build a career in science.” Although he doesn’t want to pursue music professionally, he doesn’t want to give it up totally. Music is what he enjoys playing when he is sad or happy. He also considers joining a ‘live’ band later in life, “provided it doesn’t interfere with my career.”

Fondness for Science

David always fancied space and astronomy and while growing up realised they were part of Science; that is what drew him to wanting to take up Science. Even though many students his age find it tough and openly opine about the same, David is very fond of Maths because he understands it and also because he doesn’t like to rote learn. “Maths and Physics are my favourite subjects,” he informs.

Band Bonding Memories

“One of my favourite band memories is the Annual Band trip that we have,” informs David. Every year it’s a tradition that they have kept alive. They contribute and go to a remote place for a few nights which is always an amazing experience. The competitions and practices for these competitions are fun. They put in a lot of hard-work and it feels good when it pays off. ‘Band-It’, a competition that is conducted by Furtados happened in September this year. “It was amazing; our school was the First Runner-up.”

David Cavale the Goliath Musician
“David is a highly talented and dedicated child,” says Saby Franco.

Music trophies alongside Sports

Don Bosco, Matunga, has a sports division that is very competitive and consists of students who have made the school proud in various disciplines, especially football and cricket. All these awards are displayed in a cabinet for everyone to see. When they came First Runner-up in the ‘Band-It’ competition, it was a moment of immense pride because that trophy now sits besides the sports trophies. Many years down the line when people see the Award they will always know it is one by the Band of 2019-2020.

The ones behind his passion

His parents are ones that inspire him and support him in all that he does. His Dad has taught David to never give up till he succeeds and if he fails, to learn something from it. His Music Teacher being an amazing pianist has been his inspiration when it comes to music. “He was the one who taught me the basics of music. Anytime, I have a problem, I go to him”

Saby Franco on David Cavale

“David has a great talent; his pick-up level is very high. Even though he did not have a bass guitar at home he would learn whatever I gave in school and would be very good at it.  He is a very highly talented and dedicated child and I am happy that he considers me an inspiration.”

(Lisha Gomes is a third year BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) student at St. Andrews College, Bandra, Mumbai. She is passionate about reading, enjoys singing and has also participated in a few dance shows. A regular in the college soccer team, she was a star performer for her school, Mary Immaculate Girls High School, Borivali).

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