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Megha Rouniyar on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

I am currently working on a 9-5 job. During the weekends I am busy with my modelling assignment and shoots. Even though my work life is very hectic, I try to keep a balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. My body is like a temple to me and I try to take very good care of my health. I work out four to five times a week. My workout regime is very simple. I am pear-shaped so I focus on cardio and I do a lot of strength training. I’m at the gym usually in the evening after work. I start with 20-25 minutes of cardio followed by what day it is (leg, arms, abs…) I never skip a leg day, and abs day are my favourite. I like to keep it simple. Sometimes when I am lazy, I just simply do some yoga in my living room.

Eating Habits

I am a big time foodie and I love to try different cuisines. Usually, I don’t count my calories but I try to eat clean. I love authentic Nepali and Indian food. My diet is very simple: I incorporate a lot of greens and make sure my protein intake is good. Mornings begin with a cup of hot lemon water followed by black coffee; I Need my caffeine to function. I ensure that I include tofu or chicken in my lunch to get my protein. Dinners are usually light. I like to snack on dried fruits and granola bars. I am not a sweet person, so I don’t consume sugar on a daily basis. However, I love treating myself to tres leches once in a while. I do have my cheat days where I treat myself to Biryani.

The only eating tip I would like to give is to listen to your body. Try to eat healthy and clean; don’t be afraid of those carbs. Just keep an eye on the portion size! 

Megha Rouniyar Miss Nepal
“When I feel lazy, I just do some yoga,” says Megha Rouniyar

Spiritual Quotient

Meditation is something that has really helps me to make myself calmer and helps me overcome my stress and anxiety. I also write poetry as a form of self-expression. I consider myself an ambivert. So on days when I find myself stuck with my emotions, I find it easier to express myself on a piece of paper. I don’t stress easily, I practise meditation daily and that has helped me to remain calm. My only mantra in life is ‘Live and let life’. Besides that I firmly believe that practising humility is the essence of living a happy life.

(Megha Rouniyar is a model from Nepal who is making her own small impact in the United States of America. Currently, she is practicing as a Computer System Analyst, apart from being busy with her modelling assignments.)

Pic Courtesy: @Megharouniyar/Instagram

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