By Vanasri Sridhar | Opening Doorz Editorial | November 22, 2021

Garvit Narula aka ‘Polymancer’ is a passionate and creative dream-pop artiste who loves strumming his guitar and singing to his heart’s content. Born and raised in New Delhi, he began writing songs at the age of seven.

The upcoming artiste whose stage name, ‘Polymancer’ is derived from polymath and romancer, has his latest song ‘Formless, Bundles’ aired on the RED FM. The 23-year-old uses emotions to create his soulful music and each of his songs has a story to tell.

Opening Doorz to Polymancer.


When did you realize music was your passion?

Honestly, I think I have been in music for the longest time. I got a guitar when I was seven but learnt it only when I was nine. When I entered the first year of college, I got into different genres of music. I heard different acts in 2017 and one of them was Eden. I would spend days listening to his songs on loop. I would sing almost the whole day in my hostel which would annoy my roommates. That was the year started singing and exploring new horizons. I realized I could get into production as well since I could play the guitar and sing simultaneously. The year 2020 was when I decided to pursue it professionally.

You said you are inspired by Eden, Kanye West and Joji. What about them inspired you?

Eden’s entire sound design is very interesting. It reminds me of movies. The way I was imagining his sound was like when you watch a movie and the character is very sad and heartbroken. His sound creation is somewhat close to Hans Zimmer. Kanye is an out-of-the-box music producer. I like his way of thinking. I enjoyed his latest production with Donda, though it was not well accepted by the general audience. With Joji, it’s the sad vibes that I like.

What story does your song ‘Formless, Bundles’ tell the audience? 

My earlier songs would be more about love and other emotions. ‘Formless, Bundles’ is about letting go and dealing with it. It’s the idea of letting a relationship fade away. An aching pain still, however, lingers. The name is your emotions which is formless but bundled up because the person isn’t there anymore. A lot of my music is memory-related stuff. Like for example, a song of mine called ‘Dreamcacher’… the idea came from a memory cache, RAM in the computer and dreams at night and my other songs like ‘I can’t sleep” emerged because I was not able to sleep.

Polymancer and Formless Bundles
“I am also trying to get a female version for this song and my last version is going to come out in 2022,” says Polymancer.

Is the song based on a true-life incident?

The song is a collection of different memories; some are true incidents and some are fabricated for the song to sound well in terms of lyrics. Some lyrics were in my head as the initial lines of the song. This comes from situations wherein at most times, relationships just go too fast.

The entire song is just supported by piano. Any particular reason for this?

I wanted to keep it low and soft. It’s a more relaxed version where you are chilling and don’t want to get out of bed. However, the upcoming versions are going to have lot more instruments in them. I am also trying to get a female version for this song and my last version is going to come out in 2022.

Are you working on any new songs?

Absolutely. There is so much happening. I am writing two songs a day currently. There are a few songs in the production. Writing is quick; production is what takes time for me. There is some electronic music that is coming out in collaboration. 

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