By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | September 07, 2019

Enki Bello is now Kiki Bello, a stage name she has adapted to recently. Commenting on the shift from Enki to Kiki, the Columbian Harpist par excellence assures us that her official name is still Enki Bello but for the stage and her fans she found that Kiki was easy to associate with and pronounce and she has seen an immediate change in that as soon as she shows up for a concert. “Kiki Bello,” is the chant now. “Earlier they would not know how to pronounce my name,” laughs Kiki who settled with us over long distance to speak about her name change, reaction of her parents, her love for music and upcoming projects. But most importantly, she wanted to share her thoughts about her latest Video which she released today: Enamorada de ti, which means, ‘I’m in love with you’.

Opening Doorz to Kiki Bello and her latest video, which she knows is controversial, “I hope you like the video,” she says adding, “I can’t wait for all the comments and see what people have to say about it.” And as her video starts to mesmerise viewers worldwide, Kiki bares her heart telling us that her dream is “To win a Grammy Award when I reach my 30s. I’m working tirelessly on that 24×7.”

Tell us something about your latest video; you have been uploading 20 sec teasers since the past two days?
[Laughs] I have a lot of songs coming up now as a song writer. It’s not just harp. It will also have Lyrics written by me and songs sung by me. I’m working with an incredibly amazing producer who is from Los Angeles and we are taking a very commercial type of approach. What I have released today is the start of a new beginning. It is a very artistic video that I have been planning for about three-and-a-half years. It’s called the bachata style (genre) song from the Dominican Republic. It’s a sexy type of music, similar to Tango from Argentina. It’s very sensual and very romantic and I wrote this song and decided to do a very artistic dance which is between two females which is very, very rare and very unique. Very few people have done it and I decided to take that chance with the Bachata style. In this video you will see two females dancing in an artistic way.

Aren’t you unsure about this move since it might create a controversy?
I know it will create a lot of controversy because it is very sensual and I am happy to show something very unique, very different; something people have not seen before. I’m trying to be different! I believe it is unique. I believe in equality. Genre or choice of gender should be available for everybody—I want to stand up for that. Through my videos, I want to show that my music does not have a gender; It’s about love, passion and that’s all I care for when it comes to my music. So whether it’s two girls, two boys, one boy and a girl… to me it’s the same and I want to portray that in my next videos as well.

Lights, Camera, Action… Kiki Bello with her team

How was the whole experience of filming this video?
This particular video is the most unique thing I have ever done in my entire life. It was filmed in Hudson Valley, New York in a salt cave which is such an intimate and romantic setting. It has the colour of fire which is intensively romantic and amazing; it was a project that I rehearsed for dancing for about six months. It has been choreographed by the Argentinean choreographer Stephanie Lucero who is well-known for doing Bachata dancing with females only which is a new type of style that is becoming popular.


Video Credits: @HudsonValleyHealingCenter, Salt Cave, New York
Owner: Elisa Gwilliam
Best Dancer in the world: @LauraPakasaar
Harp: @KikiBelloMusic
Music and Lyrics by: @KikiBelloMusic
Directed by: @SalScirica
Filmed by: @MiguelPichardoPhotography
Choreographed by: @StephanieLuceroOfficial, @LauraPakassar
Music Produced by: @GioAcostaOficial
Photographer: @Sunnysidephoto99

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