By Aditya Biswas and Aritra Bera | Opening Doorz Editorial | October 11, 2020

R D Burman Era, ‘Live’

On Sunday, October 18, from 9:30am to 11:30 am IST, UTSAV California will be conducting a ‘live’ online concert from the R D Burman studios in Mumbai, India. Though tickets are being sold to garner in the funds to help musicians who have been affected by the pandemic, the Non-Profit Organisation is also throwing its link open for all music lovers to soak in the ‘R D Burman Era’.

The ‘Live’ concert by famous Bollywood musicians will only be R D Burman classics. The concert is being conducted by Abhijit Mazumdar (Violin) and will also feature Kishore Sodha on Trumpet and Shyamraj on saxophone.

UTSAV California

UTSAV Sacramento (USA) is a Non-Profit cultural organization involved in promoting Bengali culture in the Sacramento region in the United States of America. This organisation was founded in 2002, with one goal in mind–creating a positive and enjoyable environment to nurture friendship, festivals, and harmony via Bengali heritage.

Although UTSAV is predominantly a Bengali organization, membership is not limited to any particular race, religion or ethnic origin. In addition, UTSAV provides an opportunity for children to gain knowledge about the ancient Indian cultures and traditions through various literary, social, and cultural events around the year.

Concert in aid of musicians

Joydeep Roy, President of UTSAV Sacramento, who is spearheading this concert says that they have managed to sell tickets and are hopeful that they will get in the money to help the musicians who will be performing ‘Live’.

Apart from the sale of tickets, they have also received donations, which have helped them book the Studio. The musicians, apart from the other assorted expenses that come along with organizing a concert have also been taken care of.

For music lovers, especially of the ‘R D Burman Era’, there will be 15 musicians who will be reliving the R D Burman Era. “As a first, and being from Kolkatta, the organisation decided to celebrate one of their very own, R D Burman and to respect his legacy. We do have plans for other genres, but it’s up to the entire Utsav Board to decide if we are going to have any more concerts in the future,” reveals Roy when asked if they plan to hold concerts in different genres.

Here is the link where R D Burman fans can join in the ‘Live’ concert:

Line-up of musicians:

Abhijit Mazumdar: Violin/Conductor
Kishore Sodha: Trumpet
Shyamraj: Saxaphone
Mohit Shastry: Flute
Sanjay Marathe: Key Board
Kiran Gaikawad: Key Board
Sachin Jambhekar: Harmonium
Brijesh: Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Manish Kulkarni: Bass Guitar
Samit Pednekar: Thumba
Deepak Borkar: Percussion
Bhim Rao Mohite: Tabla
Vijay Jadhav: Octopod
Sumit Sarfare: Drums
Shashikant Bawlekar: Congo/Dholak

Concept and Production: Subir Sarkar
Host: Rakhi Mullick

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