Opening Doorz Editorial | October 05, 2020

Opening Doorz to Mitali Sonawane’s workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

Before the lockdown, I would go to the gym in the evening from 9pm to 12am Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, I would give my body a well-deserved rest. I have maintained this routine even after the gyms shut because of the pandemic. My gym has been set up at home and I continue the routine, with just a change in timing. I now work out from 4 to 6pm. Each day, I work out a different body part. Monday’s I focus on the upper body, Tuesdays I work out my legs, Wednesdays is for shoulders, Thursday is cardio and abs day, Fridays I focus on my back and Saturdays is biceps and triceps day.

Eating Habits

My day starts with four boiled egg whites and one glass of milk. Sometimes I add Protein X powder in my milk and also have fruit. My lunch consists of boiled chicken or fish which helps maintain my protein intake. I also add boiled cabbage to maintain my fibre intake. In the evening, I have one glass of milk again and a fruit salad. Post that I am in the gym. I have my dinner at 12am! It consists of chicken and one chappati without oil which helps my protein and carbs. My water intake depends on the climate but maximum water intake is very important. I avoid fast food, chocolates and ice-cream and anything that is unhealthy. By 1am I go to bed and am up by 8am.

TIP: Avoid junk food; eat healthy stay healthy—it keeps you away from doctors.

Spiritual Quotient

My life mantra is simple: Take it easy, make it easy. When I feel stressed, I lift heavy weights; it helps reduce my stress levels and calms me down. I like to remain calm in all situations, no matter what. I prefer concentrating on what I am doing and that helps me focus on the work at hand.

(Mitali Sonawane is a fighter: burnt and almost given up for dead at the age of six, she has risen like a phoenix, dusting off the ashes, storming the beauty scene, flaunting her scars.)

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