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On her birthday today, Shriya Pilgaonkar opens up on her fitness routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
I like to do a mix of things to keep fit. For me, it’s not just about physical fitness but mental fitness too that is very crucial to the overall being. During Lockdown, I wanted to make sure that lethargy doesn’t kick in so I have been more or less regular about my home workouts. It adds some amount of discipline to my day and routine which I like. Usually, I do a mix of Pilates and functional training. I also play badminton which I love. But now during the lockdown, I have been trying different workouts everyday which breaks the monotony. I have taken to skipping which is great for the core and for stability. That becomes my cardio and I do Pilates and surya namaskars with it. Sometimes, I just put on a dance workout as it is fun. As long as the body feels rejuvenated and active, it doesn’t matter what form of workout you chose.

Shriya Pilgaonkar on her fitness routine
“I have always been spiritual, I pray everyday. It keeps me grounded,” says Shriya Pilgaonkar.

Eating Habits
I’m a foodie and for me personally, dieting is not about eating less as much as eating at the right time. It’s all about moderation. I find it hard to completely restrict myself from sweets because I love it so much so I’ll have dates or things made with jaggery if I want a healthy option. If I want to indulge, I’ll go for it but I won’t ever overdo it. I have been a swimmer growing up, so I have a good metabolism but I cannot take it for granted. I am terrible with my water intake so that’s something I have to be mindful of. I eat simple home food most of the times. I enjoy eating out too but I keep it balanced. I start my day with ghee and almonds and warm water which sets my body for the day. I don’t have a fancy diet plan. A good home-cooked balanced meal works for me.

Spiritual Quotient
Being mentally healthy is extremely important to me. It’s very easy to feel constant anxiousness but I try to keep myself in check and observe what things might affect me negatively. I think of it as an ongoing journey trying to better myself and not let the world get to me. I have always been spiritual. I pray everyday, it keeps me grounded. It’s important as an actor to have something that anchors you because this profession is a rollercoaster where there are ups and downs constantly. So for me the idea of success is deeply rooted in achieving all that I want to without losing my peace of mind and sense of self in the process.

(Shriya Pilgaonkar is an Indian film actress, director, producer, and stage performer. She is the daughter of actors Sachin and Supriya Pilgaonkar).

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