By Sneha Ullal | Opening Doorz Editorial | February 27, 2017

Sneha Ullal is Opening Doorz on her fitness routine, eating habits, and spiritual quotient…

Working Out

First of all, one must want to feel and look fit, the rest follows. My fitness includes swimming, a lot of cardio variations for endurance and stamina, and then comes the light weights in a gym, basically to shape me up and get all the curves. Working out requires a lot of discipline but for most people, it begins and ends in the “planning stage.” My advice: don’t plan, just decide you want to look like a million bucks because it’s always great to look and feel fit.

Eating Habits

“You are what you eat.” It doesn’t get more real than that. My diet as of today is pretty interesting. I follow a ‘gluten-free’ diet which basically means no wheat. Erasing wheat means most junk food or other unnecessary food is out of the lifestyle automatically. Gluten is a natural thick protein that helps in binding. And it takes longer to digest compared to ‘gluten-free’ foods. So not consuming gluten means your digestive system works without stress. Over and above, I tend to consume very less sugar. Sugar is a killer, I hate it.

To replace sugar, there are natural sugars from fruits and also a plant called ‘Stevia’ which should be ‘future sugar’. I also dislike oil in my food. Even a slight trace of oil annoys me. Gluten, Oil and Sugar… control this intake and you are automatically a healthier person. Add lemon and mint to your bottle of water and have three liters of it at room temperature every day.

Sneha Ullal Fitness Routine
“Peace is what I pray for everyday. It’s a luxury right now I can’t seem to afford,” says Sneha Ullal.

Spiritual Quotient

Peace is what I pray for everyday. It’s a luxury right now I can’t seem to afford. I stress very easily and that’s not a good thing for anyone. Working out helps but it’s not a permanent solution. I mingle with animals a lot to calm myself down as animals have a positive energy that is not understood today. Peace will come to me when I decide what I have is all that I need. But trust me, most people who stress a lot turn out to be very strong people… Like me!

(Sneha Ullal who has shared her fitness routine is an Indian film actress who made her Bollywood debut opposite Salman Khan in Lucky: No Time for Love. She has also acted in a few Telugu films.)

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  1. It is one of the best plan for all the generations to maintain & live healthy physical & spiritual life.she is the best ever loveliest angel of loveliest soul. I pray to my God she always remain happy&full of joy.
    she always 😊&keep smiling.

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