By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | October 16, 2023

Manasi Scott, the celebrated Indian singer, has once again graced the music world with her latest single, ‘Let it Go’. 

‘Let it Go’, released on Friday, October 13, on Spotify. It’s a duet along with Sidd Coutto (singer, songwriter, musician), that evokes intense emotions through her ethereal vocals. There’s R&B, a feel of Jazz, a hint of disco, and the ability to pitchfork it to ‘Guilty’ success… the Barbara Streisand-Barry Gibb duet.

‘Let it Go’, by Manasi Scott and Sidd Coutto is Sunshine in the Rain! 

As listeners are enraptured by the emotive power of her voice, it becomes evident that Manasi Scott is an artist whose talent knows no bounds, and whose contributions to music are deserving of a spotlight on the global stage.

Let it Go: Manasi Scott and Sidd Coutto
Let it Go by Manasi Scott and Sidd Coutto is indeed the sunshine in the rain… a Rainbow Just for You!

Her passion for music is palpable in every note she sings and every performance she delivers. It’s a fire that burns bright within her, driving her to constantly push boundaries and explore new musical territories. Her dedication to her craft is evident in the meticulous attention she pays to every detail, from the nuances of her vocals to the arrangement of each composition.

What sets Manasi apart is the richness of her voice. It’s an involvement of emotions woven together with a timbre that’s both powerful and tender. Each note is delivered with a precision that comes from years of honing her skills, yet there’s a raw, organic quality to her voice that makes it feel like a direct line to her soul.

Her vocal range is extraordinary, allowing her to effortlessly traverse across genres and styles. From soul-stirring ballads that tug at the heartstrings to high-energy anthems that ignite the stage, Manasi’s voice is a chameleon, adapting to the demands of each composition with grace and finesse.

Let it Go has a ‘Guilty’ Potential

I have heard Manasi perform since 2000 and there has never been a dip in any of her performances. In an industry where voices often echo, Manasi Scott’s stands out… it carries the weight of experience, the warmth of passion, and the sincerity of an artist who pours her heart and soul into every performance. 

Let it Go: Manasi Scott and Sidd Coutto
Let it Go: Manasi Scott and Sidd Coutto: Manasi Scott’s contributions to music are deserving of a spotlight on the global stage.

Manasi and Sidd Coutto “met after ages,” as she put it, and came out with this Ballad. “We wanted to revisit our favorite music era and do a song without the pomp and sugar-coating of a studio sound and write about things we’ve been through since,” reveals Manasi, detailing the birth of ‘Let It Go’. “This was recorded on an SM58, at my place and produced by him, again at his home, and just as beautifully. We have decided to change the way music is done and go back to rock n’ roll’s raw elegance.” 

Commenting on what she expects from the song, Manasi says, “We want the world to hear us and our words and feel them the way we wrote them. And then play us over and over like an old friend who brings great memories.”

Just like the delectable drumbeats and strong bass notes blend throughout the song, Manasi Scott and Sidd Coutto complement each other. The lyrics resonate with emotions that touch the core of human experience.

‘Let It Go’, is indeed the sunshine in the rain… a Rainbow Just for You!

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