By Craig Scott | Opening Doorz Editorial | July 08, 2019

Craig Scott is Opening Doorz on his workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

My exercise routine since the last one year has been mainly rehabilitation, isometric and unilateral training with a huge dose of front squats, dead lifts and yoga. I get in about five days of training in a week. I generally use the push-pull method: on a given day, I will train all my pulling muscles and on the next day I will do all push exercises. Or maybe I would do one big compound pull movement of multiple sets and then do a push compound movement of multiple sets.

Craig Scott: When I train, I feel alive
“When I train, I feel alive,” says Craig Scott.

Eating Habits

My eating habits have been the same ever since I can remember. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks interspersed in between. My meals are generally small and the snacks, nuts and fruit. I make sure I eat a light meal at night which could be any vegetable with Jowar ki roti. I am usually done with my dinner by 8 pm. Breakfast is eggs, cheese, bread, fruit and Oats spread out over 3 hours. I eat my Oats porridge and train a client, and then eat my eggs and cheese sandwich and train another client and then eventually the fruit. Lunch is rice, dal and some non-veg (chicken/mutton/fish). I manage to drink around four litres of water every day.
Eating tip: If you are suffering from acidity, try eating Jowar rotis rather than wheat rotis. This has helped me with my acidity issue.

Spiritual Quotient

I stress very easily and hence have set up a sort of defense mechanism to deal with it. To me, training is meditation. When I train, I feel ‘alive’ and there is nothing better than breathing to help with stress. My life mantra is simple: There is always scope for improvement!  

(Craig Scott is a model and a personal trainer, who had a popular gym, Func-Fit, for many years. Today, he trains across various gyms in the suburbs).

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