By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | June 26, 2019

A year-and-a-half ago, whilst at a private party in suburban Bandra, in Mumbai, after he left, the restaurant hostess walked up to me and asked: “Is that Craig Scott?”

The man still has the zing! Looking tanned, with long hair and a tight white tee, with his muscles straining to break free [no, not in the manner you have those wannabe gym blokes walking like ducks not knowing how to display their bulging biceps] in a classy Hollywood manner. As usual, he had left his indelible mark at the restaurant!

Twenty years ago, he was a constant on the ramp, and he set it alive whenever he came on it. He had that unmistakable swagger of confidence that was not cocky, but genuinely likeable.

The king on the ramp

Craig did not shout with his body language, but with an innate knowledge, knew he was king. Remember Sir Vivian Isaac Richards?

He could sweep you off your feet from the audience… and I am a guy! You can imagine the impact he must have had on the ladies. And this here, my friends, is no exaggeration.

Craig Scott: Fitness and more
Craig Scott is totally into fitness

Craig Scott was a killer on the ramp. Put him on the ramp today and he will walkover the so-called ‘celebrities’. He was an institution on how to walk that walk on the ramp and how to look you on the eye. Even a backpack stood out: he gave the product its due.

The likes of John Abrahams (with whom he walked the ramp in those days and who was starting out in his career) paled in comparison. Only Raman Lamba, another other model of that time, had that ‘it factor’.

Craig may not have made it big in the ‘John Abraham sense’ but he is content with where he is today, with what he is doing. How many talented people really make it big in this industry? That’s another story. Hopefully someday, our world will be kinder by genuinely helping talent rise rather than having ‘premeditated external factors’ work for you and you will not have hear those hushed whispers, ‘woh uska beta hai’, doing the rounds to push an undeserving candidate to the top.

A lovable bloke

I always wondered why I love him so much; I never found the answer. I guess there is something in him that is fantastically human, genuine…. Like a lost child… Last week, when I was speaking with him, I discussed with him this aspect and suddenly the answer hit me: “If God loved me so much, an imperfect human with flaws and difficulties and so many backlogs, I could love Craig with his humungous baggage and flaws and mistakes.”

A completely lovable bloke, Craig is totally into fitness. For quite many years he ran a popular gym FuncFit and is today training in gyms all over the suburbs. His training is not your daily routine but a mix of the push-and-pull method. His routine is mainly rehabilitation, isometric and unilateral training with a huge dose of front squats, dead lifts and yoga. That’s one of the reason why celebrities and their sons have him as their private trainer.

Today as he celebrates his birthday, we at Opening Doorz wish him the very best life has to offer.

Remember Craig, you are just peeking into what God has in store for you—you have not yet peaked! There’s going to be showers of blessing in the years to come; for that you have to walk with the Lord!

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