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This is the story of Eddie Mraz from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. This is not original content of Opening Doorz, but since we are into Celebrating Life and Positive Journalism, we stumbled onto this beautiful thought (on LinkedIn) from this dynamic 32-year-old, simply because we follow the right people.

And by follow, we mean, even on Social Media. Because one of the persons we follow is the reason we stumbled on this moving piece of inspiration and of his immense faith in God. She commented on this story from Eddie and it popped up for me to read.

Thank you Eddie for sharing your story; you can be assured of our prayers, you so humbly have asked for. May you be blessed with the strength each day to do what you have set out to do… to be a Dad to your son and a Husband to your wife.

Thank you Maryann Coutinho for an eye for this content and your comment,which led us onto this story.

With thanks to LinkedIn, Eddie and Maryann, we are taking the liberty of sharing Eddie Mraz’s story. Eddie has redefined his role as Chief Diaper Changer, Stay-at-Home-Dad and Content Nerd.

May we have many more men who think and act like him!

The Eddie Mraz story
“I’ve heard it said, God first reveals then heals. He’s revealing a lot right now. More than I expected to uncover,” writes Eddie Mraz.

The Eddie’s Mraz story

I resigned.

Leaving the workforce at age 32 is special and scary. Just a few weeks ago I became a stay- at-home-dad.

Though I left for an incredible new season, a lot flows through the mind. A sense of deep reflection takes place.

Why did I leave? Easy! Our son came home from two months in the NICU. His severe brain condition, medically known as TUBB2A, requires full time bedside care right now. The decision to become a stay-at-home-dad and full-time care giver was a no-brainer.

The hard part? Wading through the emotional feelings of an ambitious 32-yr-old.

I’ve heard it said, God first reveals then heals. He’s revealing a lot right now. More than I expected to uncover.

My relationship with work has been the biggest. I’ve tied so much of my definition of success to: Money. Promotion. Titles. Recognition.

None of those are bad, just the relationship with each can hurt you.

The season ahead is hard work but I know God has a beautiful story for Everett and is working out His will for the both of us. I look forward to giving the best possible care for baby E. I look forward to loving my wife incredibly well.

I also look forward to reworking my definition of success and repairing my relationship with work.

Prayers for our family is always appreciated. This is the cup You have for me.

Spirit lead me.


The Eddie Mraz story
The comment by Maryann Coutinho (right) that Opened the Doorz for us to this story.

A few comments on the story…

Maryann Coutinho
Executive Assistant—MD & CEO

Your faith will move mountains, God never denys. and your sacrifice and hardwork will create the most beautiful most cherishing memories for you and your family that no amount of money can by. I applaud and salute your decision. Your courage to make this decision is exemplary. You’re a living breathing role model to many of us parents. May God bless your decision.

Seever Sulaiman
Co-founder & CIO at Resitrader, Inc.

You’ve made a decision that will make you proud of who you are for the rest of your life. Congratulations on your courage and best of luck in caring for your precious child. It won’t be easy, but you’ve already proven that you’re up to the challenge.

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