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Don Bosco International School had its first batch of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) students graduating from its campus recently. Just nine years old, this institution (the first International School of the Salesians of Don Bosco Group), has made huge progress in the field of International education. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, they have expanded to include A Levels along with IBDP. A trusted name in education for over 100 years in 131 countries, Don Bosco Institutions continues to remain sought-after for its education and extra-curricular activities. 

“As an educational institution, we aim to reach out to every student and their family to achieve their goals. The pandemic brought out the best in our children and teachers—we worked as a team, and that is what IB education is all about,” says a content Meena Saldanha, Principal, DBIS.

“Don Bosco International School is not a commercial venture; our focus is the growth of our children and during the pandemic, we reached out to all to ensure that their education is not disrupted. These acts of charities and love further motivate our teachers to reach out to every student who is in need,” adds Saldanha. 

Helping students spread their wings
Helping students spread their wings… Front Row: Vritee Muni (second from left), Kashish Bote (fifth from left). Back Row: Aradhya Rohatgi (second from left) and Joshua Noronha (first from right).

Some students among the first batch have set their sights on universities abroad. Opening Doorz spoke with a few on their life in DBIS and their journey forward.

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Computer Engineering

Aradhya is quick to assess the IBDP vs CBSE curriculum as he has studied in both. “In my time at DBIS, I realized that the IBDP helps students more than the CBSE curriculum, as it focuses on holistic learning. It helps in personality development and causes a student to go out and do volunteer work and participate in extracurricular activities,” he reveals. 

“Among the six subjects, we also had profile building! This curriculum aids in time management skills and improves on a student’s soft skills, much more than CBSE, which usually focuses more on academics,” he adds.

“In my time at DBIS, I realized that the IBDP helps students more than the CBSE curriculum, as it focuses on holistic learning,” says Aradhya Rohatgi.

Aradhya is one out of 200 in the world that got admitted to the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign for Computer Engineering. He wishes to pursue computer engineering abroad, as it is well known that engineering in India is a rat race. His interest in computer engineering stemmed when he scored high in Grade X IGCSE Board in the subjects of Math, Physics, and ICT.

UIUC was the perfect choice for him, as it is located in an engineering harbor and its courses are praised by all. It comes in the top 5 in the US for CE studies. 

Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Computer Engineering 

Joshua Noronha is one of the ninety-eight students in the World admitted to Wisconsin-Madison, USA, for Computer Engineering this year. Joshua has a sweet story for why he’d chosen this course at this particular University. 

“My Math teacher Mimansa Ma’am influenced me in learning to love Mathematics instead of seeing it as a task. In helping me with my math anxiety, I saw the passion she had for Mathematics and quickly found that it was not only innate but something that grew from her own experiences at UW-Madison, as she is an alumnus of this renowned University too,” reveals Joshua.

“My Math teacher Mimansa Ma’am influenced me in learning to love Mathematics instead of seeing it as a task,” says Joshua Noronha.

Joshua, a star athlete (he ran city and district level 100m and 200m), whose training schedules went haywire during the pandemic, is determined to now get back on track. “I will pursue this passion of mine in the US. Sports has a lot of scope abroad, with better facilities and opportunities,” reveals Joshua who is planning to pursue MS in Quantum Computing.

St. Bonaventure University, NY
Major in Business Studies 

Kashish Bote is a familiar name in the tennis circuit in Maharashtra. A hard worker and a dedicated student, Kashish will be attending St. Bonaventure University, New York, as a Major in Business Studies. However, there’s more to her story!

A brilliant tennis player, she’s always had a passion for her game. She wishes to pursue her talent and better herself at this sport. She decided that sports has much better scope abroad, especially in the US, and if she wants to pursue tennis, she’d have to work hard and get into a University abroad. This, she believes will offer her a perfect balance between academics and sports. Thanks to her dad and mum, who both have sacrificed a lot to see their daughter achieve her potential, Kashish has managed to do just that.

Helping students spread their wings

“My parents now know that if I need to shine in tennis, I have to make the shift abroad,” says Kashish Bote.

Kashish who has been travelling for tournaments ever since she was a child, is a little apprehensive about staying all alone in a foreign land. “It feels pretty difficult to think of living alone. My parents have had plenty of time to adjust to the fact as I have travelled within the state staying out for days on end. They now know that if I need to shine in tennis, I have to make the shift abroad. I’m happy to say they’re a hundred percent supportive,” says Kashish.

National University of Singapore 
BSc Economics 

Vritee Muni, who topped, scoring 45/45 in the IBDP has been attending the National University of Singapore for the past two weeks pursuing BSc in Economics. According to her, she feels that the IB course at DBIS aided her in preparing for college life abroad. “The curriculum at DBIS helped my confidence. I loved the way I was taught in IB,” she reveals.

“I would recommend the IB Board to any student focussed on studying abroad. I saw a major change in my character in the last two years. The presentations, analytical thinking, and enriching activities were all integrated smartly,” she adds.

“The curriculum at DBIS helped my confidence. I loved the way I was taught in IB,” says Vritee Muni.

Helping students spread their wings

As for her experience at the University, she says, “It’s been great so far. I’ve been living on campus, and I must say, the people here are welcoming and helpful. Singapore has a very good community and it helps that there’s so much greenery. I thought I’d have trouble getting out of my comfort zone and settling here, but I think I’ve never been more comfortable. Even if I do get homesick, there are plenty of things here to keep me busy. The campus has an amazing library. I can also play basketball, which I’m passionate about.”

Western University, Canada, Ontario

Kavya is firm in her belief that the IB education she received at DBIS has helped her immensely. “The course at DBIS helped me as a student develop several resourceful skills that aid in the easy transition into University. It has been smooth sailing for me ever since I joined DBIS in Grade IX,” reveals Kavya who has decided to go back to Canada, since she has a PR.

Kavya has chosen this particular University in Ontario because it is known for its psychology program. Going forward, she plans to take up clinical psychology as a base of her career.

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  1. So interesting to see the range of career options these almost adults have chosen. It’s also great to hear about the all around development in the IBDP program as well as the focus on sports.

  2. The vibe in Don Bosco vicinity is different and positive. The support, guidance that students receive with the help of discipline imbibed brings out the best in every student.

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