By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | April 17, 2023

Nestled amid the desert (100km from Hamad International Airport), and deep along the coastline beaches of Doha, Qatar, is Hilton Salwa Beach Resort—a luxury resort. Spread over 3.5 kms, the Resort offers everything a resort should offer and much more. 

The Resort is too vast to tour every corner on foot. However, for those interested in taking in the breath-taking beauty of pristine blue waters, white sands, and endless swimming pools, restaurants, theme parks, and what have you, there is always a buggy one can hop on to, to take the rounds and soak in the luxury.

Buggy Driver Camilo Peixito

On our visit (my friends and I) wanted to take a round of the property. At the lobby, we place our request and we are sent a buggy for our trip. As my friends make themselves comfortable on the first row, behind the driver, I sit with the driver, chatting him up. My first question to him is, “Can I take the driver’s seat.” My request elicits a hearty laugh from the driver: “Of course, you can,” he says, “but if you do, I will have to go back to where I came from.” 

“Don’t worry,” I say. “It was a joke.” “Even I was joking,” he laughs.

“And where are you from?” I ask. “India,” he responds. “From where in India are you?” I ask. “Goa,” he replies. That breaks whatever blocks of ice were remaining after my first question of wanting to take the driver’s seat. “My friends and I are also from Goa,” I respond, “but born and brought up in Mumbai.” “Do you speak Konkanni?” (the local language) he inquires. “Not since my Mom passed away 18 years ago,” I tell him, “But I can try.”

And so begins our 45-minute tour of the property with Camilo Peixito and my halting Konkani (rusty, but relatable), sometimes sounding funny even to my ears. 

Buggy Driver Camilo Peixito
Buggy Driver Camilo Peixito: Before coming to Doha to work at the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort, Camilo worked in Iraq, Romania, and Dubai.

Hilton Salwa Beach Resort through the eyes of Camilo Peixito

Camilo Peixito, from Guirdolim Chandor, Salcete Goa, has been a fixture at the Resort for the past two years. With his warm smile, impeccable driving skills, and encyclopedic knowledge of the resort’s history and hidden gems, he regales us with the history and upcoming events of the Resort. 

Before coming to Doha to work at the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort, Camilo worked in Iraq, Romania, and Dubai. “I feel great working as a buggy driver. I get an opportunity to meet so many people from different parts of the world,” says Camilo as he navigates us through the hot sun and clear blue seas of the vast Resort.

Driving around the property is never a chore for the always-smiling Camilo. “The best part is dropping the guest to their destination, and if the guest requests us for a show round of our hotel, I do it without any hesitation,” he informs us.

Buggy Driver Camilo Peixito
Buggy Driver Camilo Peixito: Camilo took us around the vast property showing us the private luxury villas and clear blue seas.

“Working in Hilton Salwa Beach Resort with an area of almost 3.5kms with the availability of everything in it is like a memorable experience for me,” reveals Camilo, who has seen the property evolve. From the addition of new restaurants and activities to the addition of public spaces, he’s witnessed firsthand how the resort has grown over the years. “There’s a huge Mall that will be opened shortly,” he informs us. But one thing that hasn’t changed is his love for his job. “It’s always a joy to interact with people even though sometimes language may be a barrier,” says Camilo.

Buggy Driver Camilo Peixito has knowledge of the Resort

As we cruise around the resort, Camilo regales us with stories about the resort’s rich history and the famous guests who have stayed here over the years. He points out hidden gems that most guests wouldn’t notice, like a secluded beach that’s perfect for a romantic picnic or a little-known hiking trail that offers stunning views of the surrounding villas. His enthusiasm is infectious, and it’s clear that he takes great pride in showing guests everything that the resort has to offer.

But driving a buggy isn’t all fun and games—it’s a demanding job that requires a high level of skill and responsibility. From navigating narrow paths to a few inclines to ensuring the safety of his passengers at all times, Camilo takes his job very seriously. He undergoes regular training to stay up to date on the latest safety protocols and vehicle maintenance procedures, and he’s always prepared to handle any situation that may arise. Despite the challenges, he says that the satisfaction of seeing guests smile and hearing their stories makes it all worth it.

Buggy Driver Camilo Peixito
Buggy Driver Camilo Peixito: Camilo explained to us the beauty of Hilton Salwa Beach Resort and its simlple yet eye-catching design.

“Any funny anecdotes to share?” I ask. “Nothing as of now,” he laughs. Almost as if hiding something funny he does not want to reveal. Typical Goan humour!

As we bid farewell to Camilo, it’s clear that he’s more than just a driver—he’s an ambassador for the resort, a trusted confidant to its guests, and a vital part of its fabric. His passion for his job is infectious, and his dedication to providing exceptional service is unwavering. 

As we make our way back to the Resort’s entrance, we can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to have spent time with such a remarkable individual. For Camilo, it was another day at the office, but for us, it was a memory that will last a lifetime.

Opening Doorz’s idea of a good Buggy driver

a) A good buggy driver in a five-star hotel should be someone professional, courteous, and attentive to the needs of the guests. 

b) Should have a good knowledge of the hotel’s layout and be able to navigate it efficiently, while also ensuring the safety and comfort of the guests. 

c) Should be able to communicate effectively with guests, providing information about the hotel’s facilities and services, and answering any questions they may have.

d) Should be reliable, punctual, and always willing to go the extra mile to provide a memorable experience for guests. 

e) Should embody the hotel’s commitment to exceptional service and attention to detail.

Buggy Driver Camilo Peixito ticked all the boxes.

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  1. Excellent Camilo. Superb article. Good people like you need to be recognized for your honesty and sincerity to the hotel.

    Great job brother, keep it up. I am proud of you my brother. Honesty and sincerity never dies.

  2. Hi Camilo,
    Great job. Keep going, keep smiling. Your honesty and sincerity is being appreciated. May Almighty God shower his blessings in your life. 👍👍👍😊😊✌️🙏 God Bless

  3. Hi Camilo this is ur gao bhaw from Chandor kulsa Bhat. I’m happy to know that you are doing well for yourself. All d very Best.
    God Bless You

    • Thank You Mr Martin Dsouza..For Your Lovely Post.And Thanks To All Others Who Had Commented On This Post ..May God Bless Each One Of You

  4. That was such a joy ride of Salwa Beach Resort & what a beautiful way to open doors of the resort through the eyes & tyres of this buggy rider! Its like going to Goa with a Goan! Reading the article i had the background music in my ears… he is jolly good fellow 🎶 🎼 🎵 may be the Goan effect!

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