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Remo, a symphony in harmony


Remo, a symphony in harmony

Zeebop by The Sea

When in Goa, authentic Goan cuisine is one that every foodie craves. Over the years, eating out places, hugging each, other have mushroomed all over Goa, especially on the Calangute-Candolim stretch in North Goa.

A little further in Anjuna, the restaurants are not cluttered but stretched far apart. However, recommendations are what one looks for when in Goa on the best places to dine.

After the fiasco at Vasco Square where the food was more North Indian than Goan, we made some enquiries with locals as well as those who had come in for a holiday, and Zeebop By The Sea was recommended by our new Mumbai friends who we met in Goa for a wedding.

Zeebop By The Sea
Mussels Fry and Prawns Reichado.

A beautiful drive to Zeebop by The Sea

There is a vast stretch of green land and coconut trees and quaint houses on either side of the road, which leads to Zeebop By The Sea. This is the kind of road you would always see in the Goa of old, something you don’t see much of these days. The drive from Vasco to Utorda was picturesque and pleasant. ZBTS had also strongly been recommended to us by locals who assured us that this is where you would find authentic Goan cuisine. And ZBTS did not disappoint.

The first thing you notice when you walk into ZBTS is the ambience. This is an exotic seashore restaurant with a pleasant view of the sea. It’s an open-air space, with aesthetic white tables right on the sand, where you can dig your feet into and enjoy the feeling of the beach.

A distinctive Goan taste

One thing that pleased me the most was the efficiency and how quickly our food was served to us. Waiting a long while for food does not sit right with me. Here, seafood is a speciality, and every dish has a distinctive Goan taste and was delightful. Another thing I noticed was the cleanliness of the place–all the tables were squeaky clean, the sand was not littered with food and waste, and the toilets were flawless, something which we rarely see in restaurants. I mean, it is white and spotless!

Zeebop By The Sea
Prawn curry rice.

Our food, as mentioned, was served to our table within a few minutes. And it did not disappoint. We were finally able to have some authentic Goan food in a restaurant in Goa, after being disappointed on numerous occasions. We were even more delighted to hear that the place is owned by a Goan, Sergio Diaz, who has been running ZBTS for the past 30 years.

Walk around the beach

After our lunch, the walk around the beach and soaking in the afternoon sun finally gave us the feeling of being in Goa. The whole feel was very comfortable, easy and simple. This is something everyone looks forward to in Goa, the beach, open air, sun, and most importantly, good food.

Zeebop By The Sea does not disappoint in any way, and like we were highly recommended this restaurant, I highly recommend it to you as well. When in Goa, a trip to this restaurant in Utorda is a must, even if you are in North Goa. And yes, you can also have your fancy destination wedding here.

Authentic Goan Cuisine at ZBTS

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