By Vanasri Sridhar | Opening Doorz Editorial | November 10, 2021

Seventeen-year-old Jannat Khan is a sprightly young girl who began her modelling career at the age of 13. An eternal optimist, Jnnat sees possibilities everywhere and in every situation. At this very young age, she talks like a sage! She likes to experience life to the fullest, savour every moment and learn from every experience. Jnnat wants to make an indelible mark in the fields of acting and modelling and is working hard to achieve that. 

Apart from considering her parents her biggest motivators, she is truly grateful to her mentors, Alesia Raut Surryavanshi and Anjali Raut Gill. She has modelled for designers like Neeta Lulla, Anita Dongre, Rohit Verma, Aza and many others. Her talent doesn’t stop at modelling; she is also an aspiring actress and very recently debuted in a music video, Dil Matlabi.

Opening Doorz to Jnnat Khan.


Jnnat is usually spelt with an A between J and N (Jannat)? When did you drop the A and why?

I dropped it because of numerology, towards the end of 2018.

And did you see a rise in fortunes?

[Laughs] Major. I saw a major rise in fortunes. I did most of my work after 2018 since my name change happened towards the end. I have done most of my work from the beginning of 2019 till now.

Thirteen is a very young age to decide what you want to pursue. How were you so sure you wanted to be a model? 

I was so sure because, first of all, my mother is a former actress. She did a lot of series and reality TV shows. That meant I was on set all day as a young kid, and it led me to this career. Secondly, I always had the support of my parents.

“I have been modelling since the age of 13,” says Jnnat Khan.

What was the first step you took at the beginning of your modelling career? 

I joined the Cocoaberry Institute for my modelling training. My focus was not modelling; it was pageantry, and in the process, I decided I wanted to try modelling instead of pageantry. Since then, I have been doing that.

Managing school and a full-fledged career can be tedious. What is your pattern for managing your routine?

Everything is online right now, which is the greatest thing ever for someone like me. I can keep my air pods on and attend classes even when I am shooting! This way, I will not have to miss any classes. I am focussed on my studies and have always been a good student. Since fifth grade, I have missed a lot of school, but I always catch up on time. The eleventh and twelfth grades are critical for me because I will be attending university the following year. Right now, I’m concentrating on my studies. Having said that, ironically, I have worked the most this year!

“I love sports. I love cricket,” says Jnnat Khan.

You recently made your debut in a music video; how would you sum up your experience?

It was quite a homely experience because the singer, Razik Mujawar, is a new singer and, like me, also a fresher in the industry. We shot most of the video at his house, so everything was fun and I think, for a first, it was quite a chill experience. They were very sweet people, and they treated me as if I were a part of the team.

Apart from modelling, what other activities interest you? 

I love sports and watching cricket. I guess cricket runs in my family: my brother, Aman Khan, plays cricket for Mumbai. My father too was a former cricketer. In school, I used to play football, handball, and badminton. I would love to be a sports journalist or a sports anchor… that’s something that interests me.

What are your plans for your career?

For now, it is one step at a time now. I am auditioning for quite a few web series and am in touch with a few production houses. Hopefully, I will get a call back soon, but yeah, I am looking forward to seeing myself on the big screen. I would also love to participate in Miss India once I am 18.

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