By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | August 23, 2020

Two weeks ago, Amulya Chava added another feather to her pageantry cap. She finished third runner-up and was placed in the top 5 at the Miss California Teen United States Pageant. The winner of this Pageant goes on to represent California at Miss Teen United States. The Pageant consisted of interviews with the judges, swimwear round, evening gown, and an onstage question and answer session.

Speaking with Opening Doorz after she placed fourth, Amulya, of Indian origin, who lives in California, USA, was happy making the top five. “In Pageants, all of us want to win and making it to the Top 5 can be quite unpredictable. It was a huge honour for me to finish in the Top 5 and come third runner-up,” she says, full of praise for the ultimate winner, Alana Morgan from California. “Alana was very worthy of the honour; she deserved to win.”

Miss California Teen United States Pageant

Tell her that it is magnanimous of her to say the winner was worthy, when she also had a chance to win, Amulya says, “I think every single woman wants to be celebrated when they win. When I win, I want them to be happy for me.”

And did she have time to prepare for the pageant? “Frankly, I did not have much time to prepare since I was working on college applications and my study classes were taking most of my time. I was underprepared but by God’s grace I did pretty well.” As for her next step she says, “Nothing conformed yet. I’m planning on competing in another state pageant. From there let us see where it goes.”

Amulya Chava, India’s Kamala Harris of the future
Alana Morgan from California was very worthy of the honour; she deserved to win,” says Amulya Chava.

Pageants and education are of equal importance to Amulya. She ensures that she does her homework and is up-to-date with her studies. She also makes sure she does her pageant work, even if it means staying up late at nights.

Throwing light on the Pageant held amid the pandemic, Amulya, who is dedicated to raising funds for the War Veterans across the Nation, says: “The organisers had put strict regulatory measures–all contestants had to wear masks in the waiting room and stand six feet apart. In the auditorium, they were checking temperatures and we had to sign a waiver that we weren’t sick in the last 14 days.”

And how did they manage to see your smile with the masks on, we ask? “On stage, our masks were off and yes, we were six feet apart there too,” she laughs.

The many Pageants of Amulya Chava

In the two years since the always-smiling 19-year-old beauty accidentally ventured into the world of pageantry, she has been crowned Miss World Kansas and went to the National Level to compete at Miss World America, where she ended in the Top 15. This was in October 2019. She is also the youngest national finalist, just 17 years old. Right after this contest, she competed in the Miss Beverly Hills contest and won!

Question her on how it was participating with masks on vis-a-vis without it and she says, “Usually in a beauty pageant we get to interact as contestants; it’s a completely different vibe when you interact personally with your colleagues. This was lacking this time. But it’s a good thing that Pageants are happening with regulatory measures in place.”

Passionate about raising funds for War Veterans

In the question and answer session, Amulya was asked by the judges, what was the achievement she was proud of so far. Since it is a subject close to her heart, Amulya had the judges floored when she spoke about her work for the War Veterans. “I told them I come from a military family. My uncle was sent off to war and i know the challenge the family faces is huge. I have been working to raise funds for War Veterans across the nations. In High School, I was the founding president of my school’s veterans club where we helped raise $1000 0 plus then. Now, after graduating I participate in various fund-raisers.”

Amulya Chava, India’s Kamala Harris of the future
Amulya Chava who comes from a family with military background is passionate about raising fund for the War Veterans.

And how does she ensure that the money she helps raise goes towards the right cause? “When I decided that I would help in raising funds, I did my research as to which Association I would want to be a part of. I’m a big fan of The Veterans of Foreign Wars and I have seen their compassion and drive to make a difference. The money we raise is being used for the cause.”

Amulya Chava, India’s Kamala Harris

Before we cut off, we ask her what she will be like at the age of 30, since she talks with so much wisdom and compassion.I would definitely say that if there is one thing I have learnt from the pageant world is that you never know where life will take you. I am a totally different person today to what I was two years ago. All I know now is that I want to remain open to wherever life takes me. Every single opportunity that I get, I want to use it as an experience to grow as a person.”

Age 30 from now is a long way off, who knows, the author of Soar and a Political Science student who is a keen follower of politics in the United States might just be running for President!

India will then have another Kamala Harris kind of a story!

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