By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | October 30, 2022

Sometimes, we desire to enter one showroom and end up in entirely another one. Once the experience is over you realize that there is always a Divine Plan and that coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous

My family and I decided to walk into the Pepperfry showroom near Vivianna Mall, Thane, (India), but landed up at the gallery at Dosti Imperia on Ghodbunder Road, Thane.

This was two weeks ago and Diwali shopping was at its peak.

The Pepperfry experience
Rinkee Saroj gave us the Pepperfry experience at the Pepperfry store at Ghodbunder Road, Thane.

The Pepperfry experience

A female staff sat with us explaining to us their various products on the screen and guiding us to our needs. She had answers to every query and what was most impressive was that she inquired with her colleagues, about questions she had no answers to.

Out of curiosity, I asked her what her designation was since I was confused with the uniform she was wearing. I wanted to suggest to the manager that the sales staff should have a different uniform.

But to my surprise, the lady in question identified herself as Rinkee Saroj and told us that she was a security staff member with a smile. She informed us that she always doubles up as a sales executive whenever there is a huge rush.

Impressed with her sales pitch and very welcoming personality, I congratulated her on her performance and informed her that I had asked her because I thought the organisation needed to rethink its uniform.

Rinkee Saroj, the accidental brand ambassador

Rinkee Saroj informed me that she is encouraged to help with clients by her manager and sales staff who are very supportive of her enthusiasm and the knowledge she has gained just by observing the sales team perform.

Her manager, Abhishek Dandge also spoke glowingly about her and told us that he has informed the company of her abilities and they are looking at hiring her for the sales team. He stated that he has asked her to further her education for this purpose.

The Pepperfry experience

It’s rare to see such supportive seniors in today’s cut-throat world where everyone is out to prove his or her superiority, looking for an opportunity of pulling the other down.

Although I was not sure about buying ready-made furniture since I believe in customizing it, we ended up placing an order for two products! That was my Pepperfry experience or rather the Rinkee Saroj effect! Imagine if Pepperfry has one Rinkee Saroj in every store of theirs across India… that day will not be far when every Indian home will have at least one Pepperfry product.

No amount of investing in branding can get a response like Rinkee did.

So today, Opening Doorz Celebrates Rinkee Saroj: the humble woman, with a touch of Grace.

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