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Dear Shah Rukh Khan

Ranveer Singh, according to reports, visited the Chembur police station in Mumbai yesterday morning along with his Dad and Lawyer wrt the FIR filed against him. The case made out against him is of him uploading ‘nude’ images of himself on his Social Media account.

While there was a hue and cry on ‘how could he’, there were also some sane voices who defended the actor for his ‘experiment’. However, even though a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, Ranveer Singh still has to deal with the FIR and will have a few more rounds to the cop station.

The outrage seems to have died down even though Ranveer Singh has not yet deleted his July 22 post. But the FIR has to be dealt with by the actor. 

Modesty? Aankhein sekhne dijiye na…

Vidya Balan perhaps gave the best insight on the Ranveer Singh controversy saying: “Arre kya problem hai? Pahli baar koi aadmi aisa kar raha hai, hum logo ko bhi aankhein sekhne dijiye na.” (What’s the problem? A man is doing it for the first time, let us also enjoy this). Television actor Sumona Chakravarti too came out in Ranveer’s support, along with a host of other celebs. Sumona posted: “I am a woman. Neither is my modesty insulted nor my sentiments hurt.” 

Modesty, thy name is Blaise!

Ranveer Singh Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum does a Ranveer Singh three days after Deepika Padukone’s husband’s ‘revealing’ photographs.

Heidi Klum borrows Ranveer Singh’s outfit!

Since the internet went into overdrive in India with Ranveer’s post, Heidi Klum decided to go one up on Ranveer Singh. Uploading an almost similar pose with her limbs strategically placed ala Ranveer, Heidi posted on Instagram writing: “Come back to bed baby.”

This was on July 25, exactly three days after Ranveer ‘shot to fame’, so to speak.

We don’t know whether the super-model had to visit the police station for outraging the modesty of men, boys, and teenagers.

Heidi’s post could be a sign of her fondness for India. Of late, Heidi has been exposed to more of India via the show she judges in the US of A, America’s Got Talent. The other judges are Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandell.

V Unbeatable (dance troupe), Shakir and Rihan (duo), and BAD Salsa (duo) are performers from India who not only wowed the judges with their performances but also had the audience on their feet. For those who have been glued onto AGT, it can be noticed that Heidi, in particular, has been in awe of these performances coming out of India

Next year, we hope to see Ranveer on AGT… as a special Judge… alongside Heidi Klum!

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