By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | July 27, 2017

Happy Birthday Kriti Sanon

No in-your-face pouts on social media. No desperate calls to the fourth estate to inform about a punctured tire in the middle of the night or a pet in pain. No trying too hard to make it to the magazine covers to display ‘sexy oomph’. No unnecessary quotes on frivolous issues that fill up newspaper supplements at various festivals. Surprisingly, no pesky PRs too, feeding ‘scoops’ to journalists!

Welcome to the world of Kriti Sanon, an actor so content with herself that every step she takes is another one closer to her ‘destined stardom’. Just three films old (Heropanti, Dilwale, and Raabta) in Bollywood and Kriti is already a force to reckon with. And it’s mainly because of all of the above-mentioned qualities.

Stripping down to a swimsuit for an ‘oomphy’ display of self to gain ‘eye falls’ (as in footfalls in malls) is not something that Kriti has indulged in, and I’m sure she never will. Because you have ‘desperate’ and then you have ‘calm confidence’. She belongs to the latter category. She lets her eyes do the talking… apart from her releases. And all three [releases] have spoken glowingly about her abilities as an actor.

Kriti the shining star in Heropanti

It’s difficult for any newcomer to make a mark in films that have not done well at the Box Office. Heropanti in May 2014 was a launch pad for Jaggu Dada’s son, Tiger. Although Tiger did make his presence felt, it was Kriti with her elegance that strolled through her litmus test. She gave a balanced performance, carrying off every scene with ease, never once trying to get into the space of Tiger when in the same frame or shouting out too loud with her body language. She was just there, playing the role of Dimpy, not trying to be bubbly or chirpy!

Happy Birthday Kriti Sanon
Happy Birthday Kriti Sanon.

Next followed the disaster called Dilwale, but even in that ruin, she shone. With nothing much to do, Kriti simply immersed herself in every scene she was present in and gave it her best shot. Her grace and easy charm moved from the screen onto the audience.

Raabta recently was another disaster; but even in that sinking ship she kept her head above waters, shining like a beacon almost saying: “Look, the script may not have meat but it is in your hands to make your part stand out.”

Quiet, confident, elegant

And that is exactly what Kriti has been doing, making the best of every film offered to her. There’s no denying the fact that her hit is round the corner. Bareilly Ki Barfi, directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari is due to hit the theatres in a few weeks. Hopefully, this comedy will allow Kriti a script to display her vast range of emotions.

Till then, she continues in her quiet, confident gait, with no element of arrogance, as she moves from one film to another.

Kriti is here to stay, she just needs that one female-oriented script to make it to the ‘heavily sought after’ actor tag, one that Vidya Balan so easily wore!

Happy Birthday, Kriti Sanon… You have surprises in store for you because God has already lined up the breaks you need and the people you will need. All you need to do is just revel in His Grace!

Pic Courtesy: @kritisanon/Instagram

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