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Sophie Choudry is an ageless wonder. Ever since she released her first remix Sophie & Dr. Love in 2003, the veejay-turned actress has been making heads turn. Communicative and active on social media, Sophie hinted at the years to come and the way she will look by side-stepping the #FaceAppChallenge and posting a photograph of her with her beautiful grandmother with an apt caption: “I hear #FaceApp is owned by Russians & only men with beards seem to look good… Everyone else is a crinkly old mess! Having seen how my grandma is ageing, I know my DNA is far better than what they are predicting! So this is what I will look like… don’t need a stupid ap to tell me.”

(Left to Right) The #10YearChallenge, with her grandmother and with her mother

Sophie has a point, the beard does cover the wrinkled face and gives it a level of decency and maturity (having seen other celebs, females of course, you can understand what Sophie means). And above all, seeing her classy grandmother, who is the epitome of the maxim ageless wonder, you know where Sophie is headed.

Sophie sizzles at this shoot  in 2006, with Ram Bherwani who is now setting the wedding scene on fire, bagging awards every year

Last year, she took the #10YearChallenge though, and posted her then and now photographs (2008 and 2018) which revealed a marginal age difference. Lots of water and plenty of exercise with a know-how on how to handle stress seems to be Dr Love’s mantra of staying young! Having her grandmother around has helped Sophie see life with a level of maturity.

And In case you are wondering how Sophie will look 20 years from now, take at look her in the photograph (above) with her gorgeous Mama. Now, you know where the looks are being passed down from.

The sassy Sophie captured by Munna S in 2007

Here are a few images of the sultry Sophie shot in 2006 and 2007 by the very talented and sought after photographers, Ram Bherwani and Munna S.

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