By Our Correspondent | Opening Doorz Editorial | July 17, 2019

Hitting the gym on a regular basis to workout might seem like a plan, but for most it is a chore, they’d rather do tomorrow.

But for the Sharma sisters, it’s something they look forward to eagerly every new day. While it’s difficult for the two to be working out together on a daily basis, considering their schedules, individually, they are ‘fitness conscious.’ We are talking about Neha and Aisha Sharma, who love working out together, whenever they can.

Neha and Aisha Sharma with their older sister Apple who is also a constant with them, recording their every move in the gym

Aisha is the one who pushes Neha to newer levels everyday and it helps as Neha loves challenges thrown at her in the gym by her sister.

Here are a few fun videos of the two.

This should motivate you, dear readers, to get out there and get fit!

Neha Sharma doing the Kettlebell Swing.

Aisha burning fat and toning her bod.

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