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Hrishitaa Bhatt has this habit about her… now you see me, now you don’t! Whilst she was busy with shoots for her movies, unlike other stars, she kept a low profile. Suddenly, she would have these bursts of being ‘seen’. Her interaction with the media has always been restrained. However, after marriage, the leading lady of Asoka has been ensuring she’s doing her bit of ‘staying around’, thanks to Social Media.

Instagram seems to be her favourite and she has her fans in constant engagement, uploading the latest images and insightful one-liners.

Hrishitaa Bhatt Hot and Sexy
Hot and sexy as opposed to vulgar and sleazy is what works for Hrishitaa Bhatt seen here in a photograph shot by Viraj S.

Her photographs have that oomph factor—hot and sensuous. Has it been a conscious decision, we ask? “I love being versatile, be it portraying and playing different characters or the looks. Also, I started my modelling career with a glam image and bagged the prestigious title of the ‘Liril Girl’. To prove myself as an actress I started with a de-glam role in Asoka. Now it’s more like going back being my old or rather original self.”

So you were not comfortable with your body earlier? “I was and will always be comfortable with my body and with myself for who and what I am. It was just the roles that I did projected me in a certain way that people assumed I was against glamorous roles. For me it’s about being ‘hot n sexy’ and not ‘vulgar and sleazy’,” she continues.

Hrishitaa Bhatt Hot and Sexy
Hrishitaa Bhatt seen here in a Munna S click reveals that she has always been comfortable with her body.

‘Hot and sexy’ is what one is seeing her as on Insta these days. Speaking of hot, we ask her what her hottest music is and she says, “Most music except hard rock and acid as its noise and not music. I love world music, fusion stuff, western and Indian classical and a lot of instrumental music,” says the trained Kathak dancer who is now busy taking the dance form to Switzerland, where she currently keeps shuttling to.

And the Hottest cuisine? “Chinese, Continental, and the Mumbai chaat!” laughs Hrishitaa from the far away land of smooth chocolates.

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