By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | October 22, 2018


It’s been quite a hectic month. Skeletons are tumbling out of the cupboard and predators are finding their exit gate. The cleansing is cathartic as one actor puts it, “Its karma. I was thrown out of a film by this so-called casting director who is now feeling the heat.” She doesn’t want to name the casting director nor wants to name another well-known director who made life hell for her on the sets some years ago. “I’m so disconnected now, but I’m glad this is happening.”

Everyone who is Anyone in the industry knew that the casting agencies were just a front and many so-called casting directors were ‘doing their bit’ for themselves and their bosses. Actors would end up for auditions while those ‘willing to act’ were already zeroed in for the role. “It is frustrating going for auditions,” says another actor, who does not want to get into naming names.

One thing is for sure, talented actors will now get their due. The industry is getting filtered of predators as well as those who were willing to play the game. It’s now a level playing field.

Archita and Shriswara two talented actors

Archita Agarwal who was seen recently in Satyamev Jayate is one such actor who socks you between the eyes with her performance. I have been blessed to see her performance just once and for a little less than two minutes. And in those two minutes, Archita underlined her worth as an actor of immense potential. I believe she has done a few short films and with now the sleazy counters closing, I’m sure she will surface on the top with good cinema.

#MeToo is cleaning up Bollywood
“The one playing games gains nothing, releases nothing, imagines nothing, and feels nothing. Cement!” —Shriswara

Shriswara is another actor with tremendous talent but no roles. Obviously, she would not ‘give in’. With her performance in D-Day, she embedded herself in my mind with her brilliant portrayal. Post D-Day, Shriswara has been left doing nondescript roles. Three years ago when I asked her with talented actors not getting their due, is not talent getting killed? She responded by saying: “It sounds so dire when you phrase it like that! The world is giving lesser value to the finer things in life, which happens to be art and compassion.” So what happens to the ones playing games then? I had probed. “The one playing games gains nothing, releases nothing, imagines nothing, and feels nothing. Cement!”

This question was prompted after hearing horror stories from actors about the whole casting process and how the equation even changes on a film set with the actors. Hopefully, even the actors will not throw their “weight” around now. The Casting Directors so far appears to be the fall guys!

Mukesh Chhabra is not the first or the last Casting Director to feature. More names will follow as the cleansing in #MeToo and Bollywood continues.

Arjun Mathur and Neha Sharma: powerhouse performers

Arjun Mathur for long has been trying to break down the barriers in Bollywood. A super duper actor who does not need to prove himself, he still finds himself at the crossroads and all because talent is never a consideration in Bollywood. Not that he is bothered. He is vociferous about the games people play and the way the industry functions. I love to watch this man perform but unfortunately, even though Netflix is free for a month, I have not yet been able to catch Brij Mohan Amar Rahe. Emotions rush across Arjun’s face in a single scene which conveys the moment in a film to the viewer.

#MeToo is cleaning up Bollywood
Neha Sharma does not just enact a scene, but immerses herself in the plot!

Neha Sharma is another impressive actor who has improved with every outing. Neha does not just enact a scene but immerses herself in the plot. She has this ability to make even the most mundane scene watchable just by the way she delivers a dialogue, maintains those pauses, and expresses herself with her eyes. I’m sure, one will see a lot more of her, Archita, Shriswara, Arjun, and hordes of other talented actors in the months to come. They deserve a break after being bundled on the sidelines.

#MeToo and Bollywood is doing their cleaning up, karma is catching up, and I believe even male actors will now come out with their #MeToo and Bollywood stories. Everyone who is Anyone in the industry also knows about this.

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