By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | April 02, 2018


A ‘Twinkle’ in Akshay Kumar’s dressing!
Khiladi Kumar says that he used to save money to buy foreign magazines and “tear up the pages that featured Hollywood celebrities so he could follow their fashion sensibilities.” While that may be partly correct as he himself has admitted that his fashion sense is part from that, I wonder what kept him from telling the whole truth?

While the pages he may have torn from magazines would have been long consigned to the bin (after his marriage), it must be understood that it was wholly his wife Twinkle Khanna who has made a difference in his whole outlook and also Box Office outcome.

Sources close to Mrs Funnybones make no bones about the fact that Akki’s dress sense was yet to hit the mark, even with the torn magazine pages for reference. It was his wife that changed his entire outlook to dressing, not only making him look ‘dishy’, but dapper too!

Google the bachelor Khiladi and compare his photographs to after marriage and you will see a ‘Twinkle’ in his dressing!

Mrs Funnybones, her Alsatian and her cat!
While on Twinkle, the woman does have a funny bone. Recently, (rather a few days ago) she tweeted a photograph of her dog and cat in a mushy pose, at dangerously close quarters! The caption read: “A potential Archies Card right there with the slogan ‘If cats and dogs can kiss and makeup why can’t we’?”

Akshay Kumar and Mrs Funnybones

Well, considering the hectic lives we are living these days, with no time to stand and stare, like William Henry Davies, would say, it’s worth pausing and looking at the pic which depicts power, trust and love: An Alsatian and a cat… both at peace… both in bliss…

Keep them coming #mrsfunnybones!

#FarOutAkhtar, FarOutThought
And while on Twitter, Farhan Akhtar went on to state that he has deleted his personal Facebook account, a week ago. I guess, that has to do in the wake of the #deleteFacebook which was trending last week, supposedly because of the data that may have been leaked/gone into wrong hands.


However, Farhan says that his fan page (FarhanAkhtarLive) is still active! Why not delete that, Farhan? The same logic that applies to a personal account applies to a fan page too. And if it is a matter of principle, it would be wise to note that your fans are watching!

You can’t cut your cake, and eat it too! Right, Akhtar, or is it a FarOutThought!

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