By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | June 13, 2017


Kriti Sanon and her priceless charm!
Kriti Sanon has a charm that’s hard to miss. Tall, elegant, pretty with no starry airs! That’s the feel one gets of her whenever she is on screen. Raabta was a disaster, but what was endearing was her charm. I mean I have seen movies that make you tear your hair out, but this one made you stay put, simply because of Kriti. Of course there was Jim Sarbh as well as was mentioned in my review of the film who brought things to life by his stupendous performance.

Coming back to Kriti; in just her third outing, the pretty girl has generated quite a fan following and genuine interest in her career among critics. There is a mystery about her that is hard to put your finger to; there is also this humility which comes across in her body language. I would call it a priceless charm!

In the years to come, I’m sure Kriti will blaze away on the silver screen. Watching her for the first time on the big screen on May 23, 2014, this is how I had summed up her performance in Heropanti: “The surprise of the pack is newcomer Kriti Sanon. This girl gives a balanced performance and is good-looking as well. She carries off every scene with ease and in fact overshadows Tiger at times. No mean feat considering that this is his product launch. Welcome aboard, Kriti, Tiger. May your tribe increase!”

Here’s looking forward to a lot more from Kriti, with meat in the script, of course!

Did no one see the movie before promotions?
Since we are on Raabta, there’s a joke doing the rounds, “The amount the production house spent on the promotions for the past two months, would have been enough to fund the Mumbai Metro Rail project without uprooting trees.”

So here’s my question: If the movie was so bad, why promote it in the first place? I mean, at least three out of 50 people involved in the making of the movie and seeing the complete project before its release would have known that this film was a disaster.

Apart from wasting money it’s also a colossal waste of time of everyone involved, especially Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon, the lead pair who had to tour the length and breadth of the country.

Hats off to them for convincing the initial crowd for making it to the screens the first day. Marketing gurus can learn a thing or two from them and the pushy production house! Thanks to the critics, too, (however, much they may be flayed) for raising the red flag and stopping the splurge on popcorn, coke and samosas, apart from the ticket fare.

Come to think of it, that amount too, if calculated, could have funded the Metro Rail Project!

Jim Sarbh… Namaste Saab!
What a performance by this dynamic actor. To start describing it here would require a lot of time and a lot of space. My review says it all. The other actor who turned a dead script to life and injected purpose in the lifeless proceedings on screen was Vidyut Jamwal in Bullett Raja.  Slick action, stylish moves and an impressive screen presence ensured he dwarfed the presence of Saif Ali Khan, literally. Ashok Samarth as Malvankar, the corrupt cop in Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local was another actor who caught the eye, almost 10 years ago. It’s a pity that he has not been given his due.

Hopefully, one day, we will have film-makers giving actors their due instead of friends.

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