By Kim Sharma | Opening Doorz Editorial | January 21, 2021

Kim Sharma, who celebrates her birthday today, shares her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

My fitness regimen is very simple; it is a mix of functional training, yoga and Pilates. I work out six days a week, for an hour a day, and I try to never miss my workout. That’s the key to ensuring a healthy discipline in your life.

Eating Habits

I eat a healthy balanced diet, I usually try to stay away from carbs at night, but if that doesn’t happen, I don’t kill myself over it. I’m basically a vegetarian, and dairy-free. I also try to stay away from meat.

Breakfast: I have porridge in the morning, along with eggs. If I feel I need that extra boost, I take my supplements—vitamin b, d3, calcium.
Lunch: I have dal, sabzi, roti, dahi.
Dinner: Will be a soup, salad, broccoli rice, and if I’m really craving it, a piece of fish.

During the day I have some dark chocolate or nuts along with some fruits. One cappuccino in a day is a must for me along with almond milk.

Healthy tip: I have at least 16 glasses of water a day, and I cannot stress this enough: Water, water, water, water…  Also, it’s best to have small meals at regular intervals.

Kim Sharma Fitness Regimen
“Just being alone and not looking at the phone rejuvenates me,” says Kim Sharma.

Spiritual Quotient

I don’t do meditation because I find it difficult, but I do a pranayam class with my instructor. We do the class in the evening, thrice a week. It’s basically breath- based and it’s beautiful. We do some chanting, some prayers. I also irregularly go to Church. Just sitting there fills me with peace and calm. It’s such an amazing cool, calm space. Reading, listening to music and sometimes just being alone and not looking at the phone rejuvenates me. Sitting outside on my terrace, just looking at a plant or playing with Mr Bones is my biggest stress buster. Having said that, I’d say the most important thing in terms of de-stress would be your breath—focus on it!

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