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Behind every good looking successful actor or model on the screen or a hoarding is a hardworking team of makeup artists, hair stylists and clothes stylists. While everything may seem glamorous on magazine covers and big screens, there’s hours of pain-staking work that goes behind the scene before the director calls “action” and the Chief Photographer gets behind his camera for the Ad Campaign shoot. There are hordes of makeup artists but one such name that stands out for her finesse in finish is Juveria Khan. Be it a ‘nude look’, ‘shimmer and shine’, ‘smokey eyes with red luscious lips’ or even just the plain ‘don’t mess with me’ look, Juveria is your ‘Go to babe’ Hang on, Juveria also excels in ‘injuries’ and ‘deep gashes’ and ‘lacerations’.

At first look you wonder what a beauty is doing getting others dolled up. But then you learn that Juv, as she is fondly called, is the ‘been there done that girl’. Not able to settle in one profession, Juv has tried her hand at Fashion Designing, acting, and also as a Flight Attendant with the now defunct Jet Airways. She quit the airways much before their wings were clipped because “she had done enough of flying and was bored”.

Since movies did not interest her, [she was seen in Patiala House with Akshay Kumar, 2011], “I enjoyed being on set but not as an actor,” Juv packed her bags and went to Dubai to do her IMA Certificate and then for a Diploma at the London College of Makeup. “I love everything about my job today because it’s something that I thought about doing years ago but it just happened at a really good time for me,” says the girl with her deep expressive eyes poring into you waiting for the next question.

Juveria has worked on many popular actors such as Diana Penty, Jhanvi Kapoor and Nora Fatehi to name a few and also assisted many popular make-up artists such as Marcello Pedrozo and Flavia Giuliodoria from Argentina. She has currently signed with an agency and works on many test shoots, Ad shoots, Collaborations, Movie sets with top models and upcoming movie stars.

Opening Doorz to Juveria Khan…

On how she started out…

I acted in a movie, Patiala House (2011) and I noticed then that female makeup artists were not allowed in the film industry. While on the movie set, I was really fascinated by all the makeup ‘dadas’, (that’s what we used to call them) and it hit me up that this is something I would love to do because I would watch them doing makeup and ask them to teach me how they do it. That’s when I heard from them that women can’t be makeup artists in the industry and I gave up on that idea. Also, it wasn’t such an accessible career back then. Women would only do bridal and bridal wasn’t the thing I was interested in.

In 2016, with an open heart, the industry permitted the female makeup artists but I was already flying for an airline so I would travel a lot but at all the duty free shops, I would buy tons of makeup. I later got an opportunity to go to Dubai. As a career change I thought I can now be a makeup artist in the industry. I did my IMA Certificate in Dubai and Diploma at the London College of Makeup. I love everything about my job today because it’s something that I thought about doing years ago but it just happened at a really good time for me.

Juveria Khan from left to right… showcasing her SFX skills (centre).

On SFX makeup…

I’m also trained in basic SFX that involves blood work, creation of burns, wounds, bruises, aging etc. In the future I plan to pursue this further and do a specialization in prosthetic. But that’s in the future. I feel SFX is more challenging and challenges excite me.

On the routine of a makeup artist…

Being a flight attendant taught me how to deal with long hours, random call times and that’s a very similar thing with being a makeup artist. So it kind of led me up to this. I am glad that I got an Aviation experience; I got to build my kit and I also got to travel. I got used to this routine (makeup) in no time because compared to Aviation, life on the set is much simpler. The main part of being a makeup artist has to do with maintaining and looking after you kit. That’s my major routine. Before any shoot, I have to prepare my kit properly and after each shoot, I have to sanitize and clean my equipment.

Skin care and makeup tips

One thing that is pretty much overlooked is skin care. Preparing your skin beforehand plays a vital role. So here are a few things to remember…

  • Invest in skin care
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Use a good primer and prep your face prior to makeup application
  • Always take your makeup off before going to bed.

Products women need in their makeup stash

  • Tinted moisturizer with SPF
  • A cheek/lip tint
  • Mascara
  • Brow pencil/brow gel
  • Lip Balm

Juveria’s Overview…

One needs to know what makeup involves and the market you are after. If you want to be a professional makeup artist, you need to be aware of the fact that your timings are not going to be 9-5; there are going to be odd hours, you will have to travel and there is going to be no such thing called a ‘daily routine’.

Pic Courtesy: @juveria_k/Instagram

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