By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | February 23, 2022

Dear Shah Rukh Khan

Dear Shah Rukh Khan

When Byjus stopped featuring your ads sometime in October 2021, I was shocked. It was surprising to see someone in the field of education behave the way Byjus did. They set an example for students signed up with them on how one should not stand up for their own.

Especially when the person needed someone to stand by them the most!

Today, I was fuming when I saw your promotional feature in The Bombay Times. Do you really drink Thumbs Up? Or for that matter Cocoa Cola or any other aerated drinks?

Everyone who wants to eat right and live a healthy life knows that colas are something you should keep away from your home. Any dietician worth his or her salt will tell you that. You would also know what it does to your sugar levels and having this drink over time can have a devastating effect on the human body.

Here is a screenshot of what I found when I typed “Is Thumbs Up a safe drink”. 

Dear Shah Rukh Khan
This is what Google throws up when you type, “Is it safe to drink Thumbs up.”

You know that you have a huge fan following and kids are watching your every move and they try to imitate you. Would you feel nice when you learn a few years down the line, that the level of obesity and health-related issues in children or some adults would have suffered simply because they drank the soft drink because they thought ‘you are drinking it, so it is safe’?

Having said that, if you are really drinking Thumbs Up then it is fine, I guess, for you to promote it since you believe in the drink and its toofani health benefits. 

Endorsement and the belief in a product!

Since we are on the topic of promotions, I would like to know if these actors did actually use the products they endorsed…

Saif and Kareena Kapoor: Is Head and Shoulders shampoo on their shelves in the bathroom?

Salman Khan: Is he on a daily diet of Revital tablets?

Sachin Tendulkar: Does he write with a Reynolds pen and does he have Aviva policies for his family?

Hrithik Roshan: Is he into Macroman underwear?

Alia Bhatt: Does she use Garnier face wash?

Parineeti Chopra: Is she into the total face clean up from Nivea?

Arjun Rampal: Does he shave with Nivea Shaving Cream?

John Abraham: Is Garnier clear face wash in his bathroom cabinet?

And finally, Kareena again… is she still doing the insidewala snann with Tetley Green Tea?

I’m not even asking if Akshay Kumar, the fitness freak, ever drank Thumbs Up or if Madhuri Dixit ever prepares Veg Atta Noddles at home!

Legend has it that the late Dara Singh was once asked to endorse a particular brand of ghee. He agreed to do so only after testing it on himself for a month. Satisfied with the result, he did endorse that product.

Bottom line: if you have not tested it, especially if it is good for your health, is it OK to endorse it?

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Cover Pic Credit: A snapshot of The Bombay Times

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