By Iris Maity | Opening Doorz Editorial | September 26, 2019

Iris Maity is Opening Doorz on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

I work out thrice a week. Earlier, I was regular in the gym. Of late, I have been excited about learning MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I’m quite kicked about it!

Eating Habits

To be honest, I generally don’t diet; I eat everything cooked at home. I prefer rice over wheat. As I work out regularly, I need enough protein intake; hence I include eggs in my breakfast and chicken in my dinner.

Iris Maity: I believe in magic
“I believe in magic, I believe in me,” says Iris Maity.

Spiritual Quotient

For everyone, the meaning of de-stressing is different. I also believe that stress is part and parcel of our industry as well as our lives. We should not take ourselves too seriously—we need to get out of the rat race and relax. At times, I cut off, switch off my phone and just travel to gather myself back. Having said that, when I am stressed, I dance; that relaxes me. My mantra in life is work hard, it will always pay back. I also believe that what is mine will come to me no matter what. I believe in magic and I believe in me!

(Iris Maity is a model and actress. She’s also brilliant at being resilient. She believes there is no substitute to hard work and she respects time).

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