By Marcellus Baptista | Opening Doorz Editorial | September 27, 2019

In the old days, boys and girls wanted to join the airlines to see the world and make money. Today, youngsters want to be bloggers/influencers. And food blogging seems to have caught the fancy of these little ones.

The other day, I was relishing my meal at a standalone restaurant when a boy and a girl who looked like they were just out of school walked through the door and were warmly ushered in by the manager to the table next to mine.

They were not presented the menu but the manager told them that they would get the very best of what the restaurant had to offer. Perhaps, they were related to the owners or partners, I felt, till I saw them getting up and clicking pics of the decor on their cell phones.

The appetizers arrived and instead of eating they turned the plates around, stood up, and clicked pics of the items from various angles, some with a flash. Surely it was now time to eat, I felt, till they asked the bearer to take the appetizers away and get another dish.

The soup came to their table with a flourish. They clicked pictures of the bowls of soup, first with the spoon outside, then they put the spoon inside the soup but did not have it at all; instead they clicked some more pics, of course from various angles.

The soup was soon returned and the main course arrived, in fact as many as three main course items were sent to their table. They excitedly clicked pics of all three together, then one by one and also a twosome which took place twice and at multiple angles.

The food would soon get cold, they should dig in, I thought, but they had other ideas. They waited for the desserts. All looked delicious and I was feeling tempted to try them, but they had other ideas. It was photography time once again, from the top, from the side, even a diagonal shot for added effect.

Of course, they did not have a bite. “Anything else?” asked the manager. “Yes,” they quickly responded: “Hand us the cheque.”

No, they did not get the bill but a cheque in their name. And they appeared full and satisfied.

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