By Our Correspondent | Opening Doorz Editorial | August 10, 2020

Opening Doorz to Fourth Generation Jeweller, Avinash Mahtani, as he launches Mahtani: Jewellers for Generations. “The whole idea behind launching Mahtani Jewellers is to tap into the world of opportunities, a private jeweler is able to,” says the man who loves his Diamonds, Natural!

His journey as a jeweller and how it all began…

Being a Fourth Generation jeweller, jewellery runs in my blood. I started visiting my family-run jewellery shop at age five and could name every coloured stone before I learnt to count to 100! Professionally, I started working at the age of 16, after I passed out from school. Along with my college education, I worked in our jewellery shop for eight years. After completing my Masters in Commerce, my yearning for a deeper knowledge in precious metals and stones took me to the Gemological Institute of America, California. After a perfect score of 4.0 GPA, I was offered some of the most coveted jobs. However, I had good ideas bursting within and I wanted to come back to India and help my family business. There was no stopping me—my connect with clients grew as rapidly as my understanding of design and aesthetics of jewellery.

Diamonds by Mahtani Jewellers
“Natural Diamonds now have competition from lab-created diamonds. However, I do firmly believe that both can coexist,” says Avinash Mahtani.

On His passion for Diamonds and precious stones…

The more I studied and dealt with Diamonds, the more my understanding and love for this stone grew. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, a Diamond goes beyond and also conveys a deep emotional relationship with your significant other. Like a relationship, a Diamond should last forever. My favourite are the fancy vivid pink Diamonds that never fail to leave me mesmerized. Apart from working with Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and Blue Sapphires always get my creative juices flowing.

On changing trends in the Jewellery business…

The trend has definitely changed to more wearable and symbolic items. The concept of a mother buying jewellery for her daughter’s wedding, years in advance, has taken a backseat. The diamond industry is going through its own share of challenges. Natural Diamonds now have competition from lab-created diamonds. However, I firmly believe that both can coexist and there will always be customers who only want natural Diamonds because of its rarity.

Avinash Mahtani with his wife Pooja Kanwal-Mahtani.

On his vision for Mahtani Jewellers…

The whole idea behind launching Mahtani Jewellers is to tap into the world of opportunities for a private jeweller. Over the years, I have managed to establish a wonderful relationship with most of my clients based on trust and understanding. As a private jeweller, I aim to look after every discerning need of my client, sourcing unique and rare materials like Columbian Emeralds, Australian Opel, Burmese Rubies and Ceylonese Sapphires to  incorporating them in a unique design accentuated with Diamonds and set in 18k Gold. This will not only put a smile on my client’s face, but will also be a timeless piece that can be cherished for generations to come.

On why he chose this chosen time to launch…

I have been a retail jeweller all my life. I decided to change my model of working to a private jeweller as it gives me the opportunity to cater to the individual on a one-on-one basis. Moreover, in this current pandemic situation (although temporary), it allows me to meet my clients on an appointment basis within the comfort of their own homes.

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