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Ashmita Bakshi on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
Exercise is life for me since I come from a sports background (hockey). My father is President of Mumbai Hockey Federation (Mangha Singh Bakshi) and my grandfather was renowned hockey player, late Mr Dilbaugh Singh Bakshi. Hence, to be fit and healthy is in my blood! I love sweating it out in the gym, swimming and playing any sport, beach volleyball, badminton etc. In the gym I do HIITS (High Intensity Interval Training), Functional Training and Power Lifting. Apart from this, I also run outdoors, instead of the treadmill. I also do around 10 kms twice a month. I keep experimenting with different exercises in the gym too. I enjoy my 90 minutes in the gym for around five days a week. When I am on a shoot, I make sure I go to the gym if there is one, or I ensure I do my running outdoors.

“My mantra is simple: don’t just be positive: feel positive, live positive, talk positive, behave positive,” says Ashmita Bakshi

Eating Habits
Food is 80 per cent of our body; 20 per cent is exercise and sleep and rest. I make sure I eat right: I don’t eat too much at a time, but I eat in proportion. I live on curd, chicken, palak, bottle gourd and rice. I avoid milk products and wheat flour. I also have black coffee with a teaspoon of ghee in the mornings. I love all types of chicken and fish curries—Green Thai curry with boiled rice being my favourite. I don’t overdo proteins and I also believe one should not follow any fad diets. I have a sweet tooth like any sardar—I Simply loooove dark chocolate ice-cream and gaajar halwa with sugar and milk, not the diet one! Important thing is to keep an eye on the quantity of food you eat. I also drink good amount water daily and sip on herbal tea twice in a day.

Spiritual Quotient
I de-stress by doing things that matter a lot… like catching up with my close friends and, watching movies and cooking. I am impatient by nature so I do a lot of meditation. I also try to remain calm and at ease by listening to motivational podcast of reputed speakers around the world. Sleep goes for a toss when you stress a lot and health issues pop up, so make sure you relax and have a sound sleep daily. My mantra is simple: don’t just be positive: feel positive, live positive, talk positive, behave positive. Cut negative people out of your life totally!

(Ashmita Bakshi is an Indian model and actor. She was recently seen as Shraddha Kapoor’s daughter in Haseena Parkar directed by Apurva Lakhia and played the second lead in Abhishek Dogra’s Fryday.)

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