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Anisa Butt on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
I love fitness. I try and work out five times a week if not six! Currently, I am focused on weight-training. I have done swimming, long-distance marathon running, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and boxing in the past. However, due to a small injury, I took a break from boxing. It was a wrist injury that happened out of the blue. Leading a balanced lifestyle even with workouts is really important: warm-up and cool down stretches really protect you from injuries. Of course some injuries cannot be predicted and I feel these come sometimes to remind us that we need rest too!

“Everyone’s body is different so it’s best to get specific advice on nutrition according to your goals, and how much you train.”
—Anisa Butt

Eating Habits
It’s all about preparation honestly and making nutrition a priority. Sometimes, I meal prep (this consists of pre-cooking food and packing it into containers so it’s ready to eat) for a few days at a time, so I can carry food with me as I am always on the go. From meetings to shoots etc. I am currently monitoring macros (tracking my percentages of carbs, fat and protein, in ratios, in order to reach my goals) as I am looking to target specific goals. Otherwise I would aim to have five small meals a day and focus on hitting my protein goals. Overall of course it is very important to have a balanced diet. Having said that, everyone’s body is different so it’s best to get specific advice on nutrition according to your goals, and how much you train.

Spiritual Quotient
I do not meditate. However, I pray. And prayer for me is a form of meditation. Keeping God at the center for me in my beliefs is very important. I lost that connect for a period of my life, but am happy to have been reconnected with The Almighty. I also de-stress via my workouts which is my ‘me time’. I surround myself with positive people. I really have ingrained positive beliefs, and therefore this helps me stay motivated and inspired.

(Anisa Butt is a British Indian television and film actress. She graduated from the University of London with a B.A. in Drama (Performance). She is a self-taught dancer and has performed dance and drama at the Royal Albert Hall.)

Photographer: Ankita Nevrekar
Stylist: Cat And The Closet 
Hair and make-up: Snehal
Location courtesy: Underground Pump: The Dancing Fitness Studio

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