By Dr. Chetan Shetty | Opening Doorz Editorial | March 23, 2020

Do we use a mask? Who needs to wear a mask, and what is the right way to wear/use a face mask during the threat that is now posed upon us by COVID-19?

Dr Chetan Shetty, MD (Paediatrics), Consultant Neonatologist & Child Specialist, who is currently with the Covid Task Force in Holy Family Hospital, gives an insight.

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Who should go out?
Only those associated with essential services.

Who should wear a mask?
Those who are caregivers or those exposed to suspected COVID patients. Improper wearing of the mask can actually lead to spreading the disease further.

How to wear a mask
Never touch the outside of the mask. Always cover the mouth and the nose with no gaps in between. Even while removing the mask, take care not to touch the outside of the mask. Dispose off the mask properly in closed bins.

  • Always complement the mask with a hand sanitiser.
  • Use the sanitiser before wearing and after removing the mask.
  • Remember not to reuse disposable masks.
  • Wash cloth masks with soap and water and iron them before use.

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