By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | March 21, 2020

In times of crisis, the true test of character of a leader is laid bare. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with his appeal and assurance to Canadians on March 19, in his address to the Nation on COVID-19, displayed the three important qualities that set apart a true leader: Competence, Connection and Character. It is these qualities that build trust and influences people. His speech was to the point, connecting all Canadians across the board. View Video.

Excerpts from his speech:
But the bottom line is this; we’re giving you more help when you need it. If you’re a parent, we’re here for you just like for the single mom of two who will get nearly $1,500 by the end of May because of the increase in the Canada Child Benefit and the GST credit. If you’re worried about making ends meet, we’ve got your back. Just like for the family that was concerned about their mortgage and now doesn’t have to make payments for the next six months. And if you’re helping others, we’re standing with you like with the Samaritan House in Brandon, Manitoba that on Wednesday was able to open and deal with COVID-19 thanks to new funding.

Dr Ruby Dhalla, a former Member of Parliament and the first women of Indian origin elected as MP in the Western World is all praise for the manner in which Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has instilled a sense of confidence into his citizens.

Dr Ruby Dhalla is all praise for the leadership qualities of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

As a Canadian citizen, she is proud of his leadership and the manner in which he has stepped up with his cabinet to assuage the fears of his people. When Opening Doorz contacted her, she was quick to respond, saying, “Justin Trudeau has steered the ship with a steady hand navigating through unprecedented, extraordinary and historic times for Canada and the world. He and his family haven’t just talked about the impact and effect of COVID-19 but lived it. With his wife diagnosed with COVID-19 Trudeau has managed to wear the hat of a Prime Minister, a global voice, husband, father and Canadian at risk. While most people get the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate during self-isolation Trudeau has worked via videoconferencing with his Ministers to develop an action plan to help millions of Canadians impacted by COVID-19, held daily briefings with media for Canadians, looked after his three young kids including bathing them, feeding them, home-schooling, and playing with them all the while talking with world leaders to develop a global plan of action. He is truly one of a kind.”

Elaborating further on what this assurance from his government meant, Dr Ruby Dhalla says, “For Canadians that are employed and those that operate small and medium-sized businesses, numerous initiatives, programs and investments have been made to provide help and support during the turmoil and devastation on jobs and the economy. Thank you Justin Trudeau on behalf of all Canadians and Canadian business owners. Together we will beat this.

“Prime Minister Trudeau is leading by example,” says Stephanie Sonawane

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken a holistic approach which is necessary for COVID-19. His response to the outbreak has included measures that reassure citizens that at this crucial time they do not have to worry about finances. For example, deferral of tax returns, utility bills, mortgage payments, paying employment insurance (EI) for those who don’t get sick, paid leave, day-care benefits for children etc. are all measures that have a significant impact. With such reassurances, people of this country are able to stay home away from work and help flatten the curve—which is required now to contain the outbreak. Trudeau is leading by example.”

Stephanie Sonawane
Toronto, Ontario
A recent immigrant and lawyer

“I applaud Prime Minister Trudeau for being bold, mature and committed,” says Rachel Scott

“It reassures us common folks as we are the ones who face the brunt of these fatal epidemics which is sadly now a pandemic. We just moved back as Canadians from the United States. We feel proud of the leadership that Trudeau and his team are taking. This has meant a lot for the community that proves he has their back. His words felt genuine and the help that he has promised is going to be fulfilled. People feel a little relaxed thinking that the cheques will be in their mail box. This is a crucial period for every Canadian. Of course, he has asked for people to follow instructions of keeping distance and other things related to being safe. Seeing what’s going around in the world and our next door neighbours, I applaud Prime Minister Trudeau for being bold, mature and committed.”

Rachel Scott
Hamilton, Ontario
Teacher and homemaker

Darryl Alves

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stayed calm and put things in place/perspective that will hopefully combat the virus and prevent it from getting worse. It feels very reassuring during these uncertain times to know that as citizens we have been taken care of and all aspects looked into.”

Darryl Alves
Mississauga, Ontario
Air Canada

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Justin Trudeau Pic/Video Courtesy: @JustinTrudeau/Twitter

Dr Ruby Dhalla Pic Courtesy: @DhallaRuby/Twitter

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