Opening Doorz Editorial | February 26, 2020

Opening Doorz to Bhairavi Goswami’s workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
I have been an athlete for several years of my life. I grew up playing Tennis and Badminton, competed initially in Freestyle Swimming then Equestrian sports. I have always liked fast-paced action sports. Two years ago, I completely changed the way I looked at fitness. I always thought golf was an incredibly dull, boring game for old people. Walking is indisputably the best exercise. In a round of golf, you walk about 10 km and every shot you take is extreme focus, concentration, precision and perfection. It’s like meditation, and I love the fact that in golf you are competing against yourself. Every shot you take has to be better than the previous one. I enjoy the way golf has shaped my personality, my thinking and my way of working.

As a sportsman, I have always slept early and woken up early. I don’t sleep in on weekends. Quality of sleep and timing of sleep is an integral part of fitness. A year ago I started doing yoga. Yoga is a science; it works whether you believe in it or not. Being an adrenaline junkie I enjoy high energy exercise. I started doing yoga rather reluctantly. Within a week I was addicted. Yoga had renewed my body. Yoga is a brilliant physical, mental and spiritual exercise!

“Fitness is a way of life 24×7 x 365 and there are no cheat days,” says Bhairavi Goswami

Eating Habits
I always played a lot of sports so I always ate healthily. As a child, I was brought up on a healthy diet of fresh fruit, nuts, dried fruits, veggies, eggs and fish. I wasn’t given aerated drinks, candy, sugar, junk food, tea/coffee. This has remained my diet till today. Fitness is a way of life 24×7 x 365 and there are no cheat days. I never understood the concept of calorie counting and dieting all week and on cheat day you stuff your face with pastries and burgers! I drink 4.5 litres of water every day. The human body needs that much for optimum functioning. My last meal is before sunset. I don’t have specific meal timings. I eat when I’m hungry. I have a few simple rules. No Dairy, aerated drinks, alcohol, sugar, tea/coffee, preservatives or junk food. Only fresh fruits and veggies and fish twice a month.

Spiritual Quotient
For the past few years, I have started meditating on a daily basis. I have also been travelling the world seeking ancient forgotten healing and spiritual practices. It has been an incredible journey of discovery. There was infinitely more power and knowledge in the world thousands of years ago. The best engineers and architects today cannot recreate the pyramids of Giza. All these ancient practices are a bridge towards spirituality. Our consciousness expands and transforms the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Every day I wake up and thank the Universe for the abundance of blessings that have been bestowed upon me. I consciously seek higher consciousness and evolution of my soul. I want to be the best version of myself. I want to be better tomorrow than I was yesterday. And in doing that I make the world around me a better place!

That pretty much sums up Bhairavi Goswami’s workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient.

(Bhairavi Goswami is an Indian actress and television host who is passionate about animals: horse-riding is her passion. She is also the founder of Divine, which is all about hand-rolled Belgian Truffles, French Mendiants and Superfood Cookies).

Pic Courtesy: @bhairavigoswami/instagram

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