By Aisha Sharma | Opening Doorz Editorial | March 14, 2021

Aisha Sharma on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

The key to any fitness regimen is consistency. There’s no point working out intensely one day, then taking a break for two days. Rather, stick to something (however small it maybe) everyday. Results happen when you are consistent. I like to mix it up when it comes to fitness. I love biking; so I Use my bike to get to the gym or give my dog a spin on it. It’s amazing what a great and fun cardio it can be. It’s also something I discovered and started doing during the lockdown because the gyms were shut and the roads were empty! I do weight training about five times a week. I have been weight training for about five years now. It’s been the most rewarding for my body.

Worrying doesn’t make anything better
“A well-rested body can push itself to its optimum without causing injuries.,” says Aisha Sharma.

Biking, weight-training and yoga are something I do on a regular basis. Stretching and recovery is another underrated aspect about fitness. It’s important to make time for stretching and recovery (using a foam roller or massage gun, a tennis ball, yoga belt, or whatever it is that you can find).  A well-rested body can push itself to its optimum without causing injuries. 

Eating Habits

I do not believe in crash dieting or any sort of diet fads. I believe in eating right. What you eat is more important than how hard or often you train. Your food habit is the key. I try to eat my dinner by 8pm. Eating an early dinner can massively help. Also, for me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets your tone for the rest of your day. So I don’t skip breakfast, ever. And usually it’s eggs, avocado, rye bread and orange juice. Water intake is the simplest and most overlooked aspect of eating right. We all know we should be drinking a lot of water but most of us don’t do it. I really take care of my water intake and everyone should aim at drinking a lot of water. What you snack when you are hungry is another thing that can impact your fitness routine or when you want to get in shape. Snacks for me, is usually nuts, and a lot of green tea throughout the day. 

Worrying doesn’t make anything better
“Be thankful for what you have and you will be given more. Concentrate on what you don’t have and you will never have enough.” Aisha Sharma lives by this Oprah Winfrey quote.

Spiritual Quotient

I believe in the practice of gratitude. “Be thankful for what you have and you will be given more. Concentrate on what you don’t have and you will never have enough,” I believe in that phrase by Oprah Winfrey and live by it. I usually start my day by being thankful for all that I have. I write it down, daily in my gratitude journal. It’s a practice I have been doing for a few years now and it has helped me immensely. I don’t stress easily, easier said than done but I truly don’t. Worrying doesn’t make anything better, so why worry? I do like to meditate and I use the breathing app on my watch and try to do it for about 10 minutes a day. My dog is my biggest therapy, my stress buster and just overall my bundle of joy. Whenever I am not at ease about something, I spend time with her and it instantly changes my mood. She’s been my unpaid therapist for life!

My life mantra: “Be kind whenever it’s possible and it’s always possible.”

(Aisha Sharma is a model and Bollywood actress. She debuted with Satyameva Jayate alongside John Abraham and Manoj Bajpaye in 2018).

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