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For the timeless and playful ‘Happy Sport’ watch, perpetual self-reinvention is an expression of supreme elegance. With inimitable panache, it provides a fascinating material embodiment of successive eras, treating them as playgrounds for its ever-creative spirit. The feather-light, perfectly adjusted proportions of its impeccable and distinctive oval shape are now rendered even more feminine by pairing them with the original “galet” bracelet adorning the very first watch in this iconic collection, back in 1993. It once again testifies to the in-house skills cultivated by Chopard and expressed in this talisman watch whose slender elegance echoes the gentle easy-going charm embedded at the heart of ‘Happy Sport’. Beating steadily inside, like a secret form of luxury, is a self-winding movement developed and crafted by the Maison.

Chopard revives the Happy Sport Oval

The first Happy Sport bracelet
Joyfully blending genres, steel and diamonds, the eternal and the ephemeral, the very spirit of ‘Happy Sport’ brings together a vast range of possibilities within an iconic watch. Its new bracelet is the quintessence of this kind of paradox, expressed here in a bracelet made of metal and yet as flexible as knitted mesh. Available in 18-carat rose gold or stainless steel, this exceptional bracelet follows the curves of the wrist, the better to accentuate its slenderness. It pays tribute to the original ‘Happy Sport’s’ first bracelet, which, in 1993, reinvented the very notions of style, allure and elegance with a watch that was at once sophisticated and sporty. Finely interwoven pebbled links lend the ‘Happy Sport Oval’ elegance tinged with vintage charm: a watch in the form of a simple yet precious talisman jewel. The smooth succession of highly polished rounded pebbles composing this bracelet ensures a uniquely supple feel that makes it wonderfully pleasant to wear.

The ‘Happy Sport Oval’ watch comes in 18-carat rose gold or in stainless steel with a diamond-set bezel. Its bracelet is entirely crafted in-house by the artisans of Chopard. It testifies to the vertical integration of all the skills and crafts that contribute to the prestige of the Maison’s watch and jewellery divisions. A unique combination of talents that are complementary and also ensure the in-house mastery of each stage involved in fashioning exceptional models—as indeed are all creations emerging from the Chopard workshops.

Happy Sport is the standard-bearer not only of an aesthetic and stylistic revolution, but also of a totally rethought relationship with time and body language. We no longer look at our watches merely to tell the time, but also to contemplate the perpetual ballet of dancing diamonds.

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