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Amrita Thapar on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
I alternate between weights and cardio. I try and clock in an early morning walk. On days I cannot make it to the gym, I do mat exercises at home with dumbbells and kettle bells. In the gym, I mainly do exercises with my own body weight and alternate it with spurts of HII (High Intensity Interval Training) and cardio. I’m  blessed to have access to our army training centre owing to being an army veteran’s daughter; so on days I don’t feel like training indoors, I simply go for a walk at the Army sports compound. My constant is inspirational music, audio books—anything to get the mind active.

I have oscillated through the years between various diets and have come to an understanding of what my body needs. I would firstly advice all young girls to never opt for ‘yo-yo’ dieting and starve your body. Diets like Atkins and Keto may have their perks and seem like the latest fad, but the good old portion control and eating everything in moderation with no second helping, helps.

Eating Habits
I try and eat home cooked meals with a mix of protein and carbs in my meal but in moderation. Also, I try and cook my own meals so I can monitor what goes in them. A mix of vegetables, meat, salads and greens with carbs eaten before sunset helps. I steer off refined food not denying myself the same altogether but keeping it as a treat once in a while.  I have a major sweet tooth so that is something I always have to monitor. I do not try and deny myself what I like because if you do, you end up cheating on your diet all together. Mindful eating is the key. I definitely have seasonal fruits but intake them to a maximum of 1 or 2 fruits a day.

Another thing I’m big on are smoothies. I invested in a good blender juicer called ‘Nutribullet’ which I got back from my annual US trip. On days I don’t feel particularly hungry I just throw in some greens, some berries and a fruit and blend it into a healthy delicious smoothie. I am a big believer in hydration and drink up to 6 litres of water a day. I always carry water with me wherever I go. Apart from this, I have coconut water everyday which has natural electrolytes and is a great replenisher!

“Your internal state reflects on your external state, so feed your mind and soul constructive thoughts and ideas.”
—Amrita Thapar

Spiritual Quotient
I am a very hyper active Gemini, so keeping steady and calm in thoughts and mind is a task but is a must for me to tap into my potential to the maximum. Destressing for me is most definitely listening to inspirational audiobooks, mellow relaxing music like Bach or Harp sounds. My Bose speakers travel the world with me: music is instant relaxation for me. 

I used to kayak in the past (being next to the waters soothes my nerves), but is something I have not done for a while and plan to get back to. I try and read a lot—mainly inspirational books. Anything that sharpens the mind and makes me think beyond the ordinary, I make it a point to read every night even if it’s one chapter of a book I like.

Lastly, my mantra in life has simply been something I have always believed, it is something I said as my winning answer in the Miss India pageant, “One must be ‘Alive and Kicking’.” Your internal state reflects on your external state, so feed your mind and soul constructive thoughts and ideas, we all have down moments but the key is not to dwell in that place, to let that feeling pass and inspire yourself daily to be the best version of yourself!

(Amrita Thapar is a former Miss India Universe 2005-2006 and Fashion Entrepreneur who is the Creative Director of her Athletic Wear Brand called ‘Real Strong’.)

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