By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | February 20, 2021

She knows her weakness and is not afraid or ashamed to admit it. That is what makes her attractive and appealing at first instance. Easy going and down-to-earth is what best describes Janani Subburaj. Hard-work is another attribute of hers that is seeing her make changes in her outlook to life and her approach to modeling, a field she has taken to by choice. Online, she is now known as The Vogue Yogi!

A few years ago, Janani weighed a very healthy 73 kgs, but she never really cared about it. “My focus was fully on studies. However, as I stepped into college my friends started making fun of my weight. That is when I decided I had to do something about it,” says the 22-year-old medical student currently pursuing her Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Medical Science (BNYS) in Chennai.

Today, she weighs 53 kgs and can bend any which way! An epitome of fitness, the soft-spoken but confident yogic expert is of the opinion that knowledge should be shared and is quick to give health and food tips when asked for. She has loads of natural remedies for everyday issues. “Health is around you, one has to just breathe the air and live it. Get hold of natural foods and medicinal herbs and voila, you have a remedy to get the spring back in your stride,” says the aspiring model, working on her doctor’s degree, who was once pursuing engineering. Confusing? Let’s hear it straight from this Chennai beauty, whose length of hair is as imposing as her height.

Engineering to medicine… holistic healing!

Four years ago, after I finished my high school, I did not know how to proceed further. Although I performed well in academics, I was confused with what to do next. Thus, like every Indian kid I went with my parents’ decision and chose Engineering. I soon realized that it was not for me. I wasn’t someone who wanted to do a 9 to 5 job and earn money. I wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives. I was also very fat, stressed and sick back then. Fortunately, my mom who was a yoga instructor guided me. As I started working on myself, I found my passion for yoga and holistic healing for the Mind, Body and Soul alignment. Today, I’m a trained yoga instructor, a yoga model, meditation healer. In short, a happy medical student!

Janani Subburaj Engineering to Medicine
“I found my passion for yoga and holistic healing as I started my weight-loss journey,” says Janani Subburaj.

The Vogue Yogi…

As I joined my course, I became more passionate towards yoga and my flexibility helped me perform advanced poses. I became a State-level Yoga Champion and I also had the opportunity to perform Yoga dances on various stages in the presence of dignitaries from the Government of Tamil Nadu. That is when I came to know about my enthusiasm to perform on stage and give poses in front of the camera. I was also called for various shoots to pose advanced yoga asanas and to be a model for demonstrating yoga poses the right way. This is when I discovered my love for camera, posing and modelling. I then took a step into modelling. My height gave me the added advantage.

Pageant aspirant and social media influencer …

I grew up as a shy girl, but after joining college and as I stepped into modelling I somehow wanted to break out of my shell. Unexpectedly, I won the online Miss India Super Judge contest in 2018, and that gave me the desire to participate in Miss India. I do a lot of studies to prepare for my pageants and I soon realized that pageants are not only about beauty—it’s also about brains and being a woman of substance. For me, Miss India is that platform which enables me to fuel my passion for modelling as well as to fulfill my service of purpose to others through beauty. I also firmly believe that a Nation’s empowerment lies in the health and vitality of its citizens, especially women, so I would like to use the platform that Miss India gives to create a healthy, wealthy and peaceful nation.

As a step to create more awareness for healthy lifestyle, I have started a page on Instagram known as @thevogue.yogi. I regularly post health and yoga-related tips for the common people. During this pandemic I have also conducted various webinars, have given guest lectures and conducted many online sessions for yoga and natural lifestyle.

Janani Subburaj Engineering to Medicine
I won the Online Miss India Super Judge Contest in 2018, and I have now made up my mind to participate in the Miss India Contest,” says Janani Subburaj.

My experience with Cocoaberry…

Joining online for a training session with Cocoaberry Talent and Academy was the best decision that I took during this pandemic. I was always an admirer of Alesia M’am and her ramp walk. So taking online sessions from her was a dream come true. She meticulously trained us on all aspects of ramp walk and now I have gained more confidence. When it comes to Personality Development Anjali M’am kindled our imagination with so many creative tasks. I personally was able to come out of my comfort zone and improve my communication skills.

Hair Care Secret…

Being a Naturopath and a yogi, I believe in the miracle of nature and its products. I mostly use homemade oil and herbal powder to condition my hair and that has also worked wonders for my hair growth. One secret kitchen ingredient is applying onion juice since it has the component Minoxidil. I also make sure that I have the right diet with adequate vitamins and minerals because what you eat inside reflects outside. Nowadays, stress is the major reason that can cause hair fall. Yoga and meditation has helped me to be stress free and has improved my blood circulation which aids in hair growth.

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