By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | May 29, 2020

Within two days of announcing on social media that he is starting ‘fitness training online’, Craig Scott had to close his first batch, disappointing a few.

A model and personal trainer for years, Craig who was apprehensive about training online, is now in the process of starting an evening batch and another in the morning. He has been getting inquiries from Turkey, US and UK!

For six years, Craig trained out of his own gym in the suburbs called Func-Fit. Two years ago, he took to training across various gyms, and now he is ready for yet another chapter in his training life.

Opening Doorz caught up with the ‘always cheerful’ Scott, with a following of eager fitness enthusiasts, to know more about F.U.C.T 45, his online venture.

“A lot of people have been asking me to do it. I was not comfortable doing it online. In the gym there is a personal touch. I have no option, but to give it a shot,” says Craig.


How has been the response to your call for fitness training online?

I was a little hesitant before I put the call out but I am pleasantly shocked…it has been great… totally sold out…very grateful!

What’s F.U.C.T 45 all about?

It’s short for Functional Circuit Underground Training for 45 days. This is a complete program for 45 days, designed to keep you moving. I t encompasses stretching, HIIT workouts and a little bit of yoga and also of learning new movements. The focus is on your immune system rather than aesthetic. Weight loss or muscle gain is purely a side benefit!

How are you planning to train online?

It’s a one hour 15 minute class daily for 45 days from 9am to 10:15 am. There will be warm-up, squats, push-ups… this is not a competition we are training for, but to stay fit. So if one person cannot do X number of squats in 20 seconds, does not matter. He or she should be able to do how much they can. The beauty here is that any exercise can be scaled down to your fitness levels. At the end of the day, it is how much effort you put in that matters.

Any process you follow to ensure that those registering with you don’t have any serious issues?

Most of them, those I don’t, I do a preliminary inquiry about any health-related issues. If it is too serious a problem, I refuse them. I had this girl from Turkey who had a knee problem. I requested her to join in the next batch.

Boost Immunity with Craig Scott
Within two days, Craig Scott’s online classes were full.

Do you think online fitness training will be as effective as being physically present with a client?

This is an absolutely new process for me as it is for most of my clients. Having said that, I really don’t think it could be any different from being actually present apart from the availability of equipment and demonstrating some of the exercises which require that equipment. Personally, I don’t think it should be a problem

If this turns out to be a success, do you think you will be able to add more classes, since travel time will be zilch?

Thankfully I never spent time travelling to any of my clients; I put up my tent at my favourite gym and trained them. I don’t think I will have more time because of that. In fact, I may have to spend more time online depending on the internet connection, electricity and various factors which can affect training! As far as adding classes are concerned, I am already flooded with registration requests and will soon add an evening class and another in the morning. In fact for the upcoming evening batch I have two clients, one each from the UK and US.

How difficult or easy will it be to motivate a client?

Most clients are motivated themselves; I don’t think any trainer can actually motivate a client: it is the rapport between them which makes the workout effective. Yes, there would be a drop in the ‘100 % give all attitude’ since I won’t be there to physically help a client just in case he/she gets stuck while lifting.

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